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Yang- (forever- loved)

Purred: Sat Mar 7, '09 9:57pm PST 
I lived in a low income housing apartment complex in Bristol, VA with my twin brother Ying. We were feral strays who ran and played and starved, too, until a pit bull attacked me, taking away most of the flesh between my shoulders and on my back. Winter came and my wound would freeze and harden, then re-open bleeding. Two angels, my humoms, fed me all they could afford and begged animal welfare agencies to help them help me. I lived for months in pain and fear. One day a new friend came and took me to the doctor. He could not help me, so he gave me a shot. This new friend sat with me until I went to sleep. After I was calm, the vet let her pet me. She brought two friends who also sat with and loved me in the last moments of my life. Now I play with all my friends at Rainbow Bridge and there is no more blood or seeping wound. There is only the grass, and the sun and the warm feeling of having everything I need and finally knowing how much I am loved.

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Mipo - in loving- memory

the one and only- never forgotten
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I was born on a campground in Italy. It was September and I was just 6 months old, feeding from trash cans. With fall coming, I knew I had to find me a home. I boldly jumped through moms bedroom window of the cabin and started the purr machine. It worked and I had a family. They took me to Germany, and later to Oregon. I was a well-travelled cat.

Mio, my- loverboy

Hello again!
Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 1:06pm PST 
I was living under an apartment complex with my sister Minouche.
It was cold and my eye was so infected. The super said everybody feeding us would be evicted. My mom heard about us and we met her 1 day before Christmas. She took me home and Minouche stayed in her office, as assistant. I was the bestest Christmas gift ever


Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 1:26pm PST 
My Mom and Dad have adopted 16 of us from the outside.
It is a daily battle to sustain the remaining 6 outside...
They are called the Marina Catz and can be seen from my page.
My first humom died in May and my hudad didnt want me anymore so he threw me and my brofur LB outside to fend for ourselves.
Mom and Dad were told i was neutered, but in August 08 i gave birth to The South Yard Gang...6 in all.
If Mom and Dad had known that i wasnt neutered, they would have had me spayed as i am very friendly.
Instead i had 6 babies and got pyometra and almost died.
i am fine now and 3 of my babies live with us...
Now i am neutered!!


I remember love
Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 2:40pm PST 
I'm from Mipo's family as well.
Mom has rescued many. Shadow, I read your story.
In May 2006, I came to the feedings mom puts out for the outsiders.
I would scurry through the bushes and eat real fast, starving and sick.
One day after 2 weeks or so, mom was able to grab me, and to the vet I went.
I would have died a few days later from pyometra, so they told her.
Now I live the good life in mom's office, alongside Minouche
Mom will send some friend requests


make me the- mummy
Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 3:13pm PST 
another Mipo family boy:
just a couple of weeks after Mipo went to the bridge, it was mom's birthday. She was feeding the outsiders and cried and thought she would give everything if she just could hold her Mipo still...
she was very sad. And there I was hiding under the outside staircase. about 6 or 8 weeks old, hungry and dirty.
I was her birthday present from Mipo.

Santa - sweetie at- the rainbow

Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 3:19pm PST 
oh, my sweet dear Yang. What a cruel small life of suffering. There are so many good kitties on the bridge who will love you, and now there's no pain, just running in the sunshine.
I know!! I could be your adoptive mommy there.
Mipo's mom started feeding me and provided my outside shelter for many years. Of course, I was spayed immediately.
I was just a wanderer between the trailer park and meowmie's property. Always a little sickly, but so sweet.
Then, around January 2007 I started coming around less and less, and mom thought I had died.
I came back to her in fall 2008, hardly recognizable, and so so sick.
I knew I was dying and I knew mom would help me to the bridge.
She held me in her arms, and the next thing I knew was I was flying with the kitty angels.

Bearly,- farewell my- sweet Bear

Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 3:23pm PST 
I never liked Mipo much, but we had a truce going.
After all, he had been with the family before mom adopted me.
I was at the vet's office, just neutered, and very well behaved. I was already a year old, and had been living in a dumpster.
Mom saw me and said "you're coming home with me"
Even though I am a big pee marker, I can live in the big basement, they have newspapered it all over for me.
Mom spends quality time with me every night and brushes me.


I'm chillin'!
Purred: Sun Mar 8, '09 7:56pm PST 
I lived outside in an alley in Washington, DC until last December, when I was trapped by accident, neutered and given a new home inside. The people who took me in were trying to find their lost cat, but when I turned up in the trap they did the right thing by bringing me right to the vet. As an adolescent male cat outside, I got into fights a lot. So it's lucky that the worst medical problems I had were ear mites and an abscessed broken front tooth. But it turned out that I like people a lot, much to the surprise of my new human companions. And the biggest surprise was that I helped them find their lost cat. After taking me to the vet, one of them went back to their old house (their cat had gotten lost a month before when they moved to a new house 3 blocks away) to check and make sure none of the other traps was set. While standing on the porch of their old house, she started calling "Moka! Moka" For the first time in a month, Moka answered to his name. He was in the yard right across the street -- a yard I knew well -- and she found him there and brought him home. To repay the good turn I did in helping them find Moka, they got me the medical care I need and brought me inside to live. I like it here!

Starr- (Rainbow- Bridge)~PAWS- ~

Meowma's Nose- Noogie Kitty
Purred: Mon Mar 9, '09 1:21pm PST 
I'm one of the several of my furamily that through no fault of my Meowma's was put down for no reason other than her brother didn't want us and the pound couldn't put us up because of our ages of 6 years. You see, when she had to leave PA for up north in NY, her brother told her he would take care of her babies (us) as she was only allowed to take 4 and that left 4 at her brother's house. Six months later, she was talking to her niece and she told her we had all been put down. Meowma loved us all and it hurt her a great deal when she lost us. I was always a special cat to her and she believes that I brought her the outdoor kitty that looks like me without the tux. He's very loving and has that haughty attitude too. Thankfully upon inspection, someone had previously neutered him, but she has no idea if anyone owns him. She feeds him daily and lets him know she cares about him. I also showed a little stray orange kitty to her door. She was starving to death and is now doing well and will be fixed next month. She keeps that one indoors only. In any case, spay and neuter is the only way to go!

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