Possible Airport terminal relief stations?


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Purred: Mon Mar 2, '09 11:33am PST 
For all you that work as service dogs for partners with disabilities; don't you think that airport terminals should have some sort of relief station built inside of the terminal, especially for working dogs?
I find it really difficult if I am inside a terminal and suddenly I have the urge to go and my partner has to take me outside and then go through the hassle of going through security all over again?
This is especially true if our plane is delayed or there is a long layover! Such a relief station could be as simple as a gigantic sand-filled, brick enclosed "cat box" with disposal bags to be used to clean-up our jobs, after we are done. Tell me what you think!



Purred: Wed Apr 15, '09 8:50am PST 
great idea! I was taught to go on a cue word for such situations so they take me in the family room and put down the puppy training pads.. but it feels weird and I have a hard time believing it's okay. Takes a while I would be more comforatble in a cat box outside! way to go


Purred: Sun Feb 20, '11 11:09am PST 
Hey Liberty! Sounds like your moms a real smarty! My mom has been trying to figure something out, because I'm still just little and when I have to go, I HAVE to go NOW. I think it would be good if they even just had a covered outdoor courtyard type thing. You could just go outside and come back.