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Hobbit Kitty,- Mighty Hunter
Purred: Sat Feb 28, '09 10:24am PST 
What's all that woofing, baying and play growling going on around here? That's the sound of happy pups and their pawrents exchanging news, views and info about dogs!

Well, how about us cats? We chat too, but sometimes our meows and purrs get lost in the din of the big dog-sibs.

So c'mon up into the Cat Tree, away from all the noise, and let's have some cat-to-cat chat. Any topic welcome, your questions, experiences, discoveries and sharing! Remember no one here is an "expert," but together we have lots of knowledge to share!

kitty cloud 9 kitty


Shy and- oh-so-sweet
Purred: Sat Feb 28, '09 10:42am PST 
I'm a very shy cat. I love my mom a lot, but I panic if she picks me up. Some toys scare me. Sometimes I can play a friendly game of chase with a couple of my cat-sibs, but other times I run away.

For awhile I took over the computer room, and Mom and I would spend lots of time there. But then we got a new kitten, Lurch, who eats and hangs out there. I'm afraid of him because he's new, walks strangely, and just generally exists. red face

Mom's tried Feliway and Rescue Remedy. She comes to wherever I am to pet me and tries to shoo away the others when they want to get in on it. There are no food treats I like well enough to entice me. There's no place private enough that she can really spend alone time with me - everyone's a bit touchy with Lurch around and wants to be with Mom. She's worried because I'm not playful either, even the silly little things I used to do like jump into the cat carrier to make her laugh.

She really believes I should have been in a one-cat house, but what to do now? Anyone have any ideas?


Ultimate Tomcat
Purred: Sat Feb 28, '09 11:39pm PST 
I was attacked by a Rottweiler last year. eek Fortunately Mom was nearby and broke it up before I could get seriously hurt. But I did develop a little pouch of fluid on my side (is it an abscess if it's not infection?) Anyway, I got antibiotics and am ok now. But months later, the swelling is still there. It doesn't bother me, and Mom knows that a body can "wall off" an abscess. She just expected it to slowly reabsorb, and it hasn't.

Would you be worried? We have a holistic vet now and she's thinking about taking me in. Please tell her not to! big grin

Lacy NPC

When are we- going to the- park
Purred: Sun Mar 1, '09 7:41am PST 
big grinbig grinbig grinbig grin Come down from that tree house big grinbig grinbig grin

And tell use your meow days. snoopysnoopysnoopy

blue dogblue dogblue dog We wont chase you much shrugshrugshrugshrugshrugshrugshrug


Hobbit Kitty,- Mighty Hunter
Purred: Sun Mar 1, '09 3:45pm PST 
My meow day is Feb 14, 2000! I'm a Valentine!


Master of the- silent meow
Purred: Sun Mar 1, '09 3:50pm PST 
Shelley and I are littermates. Our meow day is July 14, 2004! We're Bastille Day cats!



Ultimate Tomcat
Purred: Sun Mar 1, '09 3:52pm PST 
I'm the resident tomcat in this house. My meow day is June 14th, 2008. I'm a Flag Day cat!



Bridge Angel - always loved
Purred: Sun Mar 1, '09 3:55pm PST 
Munch post. Munch, munch. Somehow I got on here and wasn't supposed to. Uh oh, I don't know now to climb down!

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I love people- and other dogs
Purred: Sun Mar 1, '09 3:57pm PST 
wave Hello all you puddin a tats. Nice cat tree. I don't chase cats or hurt them. Welcome!blue dogblue dog

Weeble - I miss you

Deeply missed
Purred: Sun Mar 1, '09 3:57pm PST 
And I'm a Rainbow kitty. I don't need a tree house 'cause I can just float around anywhere I like. My earth meow day was July 4, 2004. I always was independent!

little angel

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