Funny Kitties!! MOL!!!


Purred: Mon Feb 23, '09 6:52pm PST 
I love these funny and cute kitties so much! I only wish I was this funny!

Purrs! re=related ated


You will never- find my stash of- pieces!!
Purred: Fri Mar 20, '09 10:38am PST 
Talking cats:

Cat herding:

Cat bath:

♥- Spitfire- ♥

What Da Baby- Wants Da baby- Gets!
Purred: Fri Mar 27, '09 5:25pm PST 
big laughbig laughbig laugh...Laffin` my widdle whiskers off, mol...Maverick`s got all da funny ones, hehehe!
sorry we havent been around much lately. Mom`s work at her "real" job has picked up for tourists season! We will be around though, mol..