Anyone there?


You will never- find my stash of- pieces!!
Purred: Sat Jan 24, '09 3:54pm PST 
Let's liven things up a bit! Let's get to dancing!


You will never- find my stash of- pieces!!
Purred: Tue Jan 27, '09 9:19am PST 
Hello? Where did my kitty friends go?shrug

♥- Purrscilla- ♥

It`s Good to be- the Queen!
Purred: Fri Jan 30, '09 2:43am PST 
Oh boy!!! I love dancing!!!! did ya see the new pix on my dancing Queen page? has been winning Blingee badges with my disco pix, MOL...Humans are such hams! MOL!!!cheerwavedancinghappy dancehamster dancesnoopy

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♥- Spitfire- ♥

What Da Baby- Wants Da baby- Gets!
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*sniffle*...mol...I tried to watch the vid maverick but it sed it wasn`t available...maybe to try again later...*Sniffle*..mol

♥- Freddie- ♥

Psst! Hey, You!- C`mere! Pull My- Paw!
Purred: Fri Jan 30, '09 2:48am PST 
WEEEEEEE! Did sumone say dance? My beautiful Oreo & I got new dancing outfits on our pages!!!!! That gal got da moves! MOL!..what a little beauty!!!!
Hiya Mav! Are ya gonna watch the Superbowl this weekend? 9way to gosnoopydancingpartyhamster dancebig laugh


You will never- find my stash of- pieces!!
Purred: Fri Jan 30, '09 6:16am PST 
Sheena and Pebbles probably will. There's a superbowl party on campus.

The dancing thing. Back when I lived in the apartment with Sheena, Pebbles, my human, and the other two humans, one of the roommates picked me up and tried to get me to dance to that song in the video. I quickly remedied that with a growl and a well-placed bite on her hand. Maverick does not dance, human! MOL

(Note: Maverick was half-feral when my roommate found him, so he had a bit of a biting problem for a while --would be sugary sweet one moment, then bam! He would bite. He was sitting next to me on the couch once. I sneezed, it startled him, and he bit my arm! I have heard he has since settled down a good bit, though.)

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MEOW!!! This is my favorite video ever!!!! My mommy and daddy never stop watching this!!!!!!

I will learn to dance like this one day smile kitty