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I'm posting this from another group...

Mom just got this email from someone in her rescue group. It is a horrible story and mom feels that anyone who whould do something like this should burn in @#%$ for all eternity and hopefully he will. Please take a moment to sign this petition. We need to make sure idiots that do things like this pay dearly for their crimes. Thank you so much. Purrs, Snickie and mom.

Here is the email:

Hi everyone...

Recently, we had a very tragic event in the life of someone close to us. She's a single, 30 year old female living in a second floor condominium in Northern Kentucky. On September 25, a former co-worker, whom she later found out had been stalking her, scaled her second story deck supports, crashed through her glass door into her living room and proceeded to brutally murder two of her three beloved cats, Mr. Frank and Piggy, all the while texting her to graphically document his actions in her home. He used an 11" buck knife that was still covered in blood and fur when he was arrested the following morning. He is in jail on $100,000 bond, but his incarceration is solely from the burglary charge felony, with nothing but simple misdemeanor charges for the cat murders, recorded in the "other" column in criminal law reports. Bridgett, our good friend, was out of town and safe in a hotel room on business in Ashland, KY, three hours from home or this crime could have been worse. We thank God for her safety, but still mourn for her for the loss of her babies and want to help in really the only way that we can.

If you're receiving this email from me, I know you are a lover of animals and have pets in your life that are your family. I don't forward chain emails or ask for much (at least I hope I don't!) but with all of my heart, I'm asking you to take a minute of your time to follow this link and sign the online petition "Ensure That Animal Cruelty is Treated as a Serious Crime". The goal is 30,000 signatures, and we're just about to 25,000 and your support will help get this issue the attention it deserves. Most of all, we'll be helping Bridgett find some light in such a dark tragedy, not letting Mr. Frank and Piggy die in vain, and ensuring that the laws are changed so that justice is served in prosecuting these individuals capable of hurting or killing our beloved animals (let alone in the safety of our own homes). It doesn't matter the state in which you reside, it will be forwarded to the appropriate law makers based on the address you provide. You can add additional comments if you'd like, but it truly will take you about a minute to support the cause. Here's the link:

Additionally, Bridgett has launched a website with her story, links to news coverage of the incident and photographs of Mr. Frank and Piggy if you'd like more information about her personal story.

Thank you so very much for taking the time to help us support Bridgett and helping protect all of our furry babies... PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE don't hesitate to forward this link to anyone you know loves animals and would help reach the 30,000 signature goal as soon as we can.

Much love and thanks,
Bob, Kristyn and Morgan

(Tabor, Buster, Xavier and Spencer in spirit... Mr. Frank and Piggy, too...)