What's The Weather?

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Princess Diana ♥ )O(

Hey- Baby!
Purred: Fri Dec 19, '08 10:41am PST 
What's The Weather?

Here in Colorado today it's sunny and 24! A great day to play happy dance

Cleopatra ~- Grace

Gray Streek
Purred: Fri Dec 19, '08 4:56pm PST 
here in Indiana we had 30's, snow, rain, thunder and lightning . Then we had ice on top.

Vincent,- Please Come- Home.

Vincent- a killer with a- broken heart
Purred: Fri Dec 19, '08 8:59pm PST 
In Northwestern Oregon we've had snow almost a week now, more fell last night. This is unusual for us, so many people don't know how to drive in it. It is supposed to snow more tomorrow. We may even get a white Christmas this year, but we usually have a soggy Christmas instead, so I'd be surprised. It isn't too cold, 20's and 30's, although the other day we were in the teens.

Cally Jane

I'm bigger than- Lilly-Rose, ha,- ha
Purred: Sat Dec 20, '08 2:11pm PST 
It is nice and sunny here in Southern California. We had some rain earlier in the week, ugh, but yesterday and today there is sun. It isn't even in the 60's! Waaaaaa. OK, so go ahead and make fun, but we lives here cuz we likes the WARM weather!


I'm an armpit- nuzzler!
Purred: Sat Dec 20, '08 5:15pm PST 
Here in Northern IL we had 8 inches of snow Thurs night/ Friday am with ice and etc. Tonight, we're having more snow falling and we have wind chill,blowing & drifting snow and blizzard warnings. More snow coming on Tues. cry We have about 14 inches on the ground right now.
Yes, we have cabin fever. eek

Cleopatra ~- Grace

Gray Streek
Purred: Sat Dec 20, '08 5:19pm PST 
Today we had temp's in the 20's. light snow . In Indiana

♥- Purrscilla- ♥

It`s Good to be- the Queen!
Purred: Fri Jan 9, '09 3:47am PST 
Lordy here in Ohio we had lotsa wind, power outages...between tonight & tomorrow we are expecting 10 + " of snow ! And it is sooo cold! We got down to 40 below zero 2 weeks ago! My family jumped in bed with mommy & dady to stay warm...mol...


Soccer Kitty
Purred: Fri Jan 9, '09 4:02am PST 

Stormy Lynn

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Purred: Fri Jan 9, '09 10:06am PST 

Hobo DB- #102a

I love to eat
Purred: Fri Jan 9, '09 11:50am PST 
Here in northern Wisconsin we are having just a bit of snow. It's not too bad, but I heard mommy say that next week the high temperatures are supposed to be below zero. I think I will just stay curled up on the bed sleeping.

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