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You can stare,- but petting's- gonna cost.
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((Couldn't figure out just where I should rp, so I started the thread myself kitty))

Brookstream rolled over, feeling the morning sun warm her gray pelt, turning it to silver. Her bright yellow/green eyes opened slowly, taking in the morning and shaking off the dreams of the night before. The she-cat rose to her paws, dropping down into a stretch. She sat up, sniffing the air and gazing around the camp. Not a lot of cats seemed to be up yet, and the sun showed signs of just breaking over the horizon. Brookstream padded out of the warrior's den, and noticed that the fresh-kill pile was low. There was only a small mullet and trout left, not nearly enough to feed a hungry Clan as they woke up. Brookstream turned and headed back into the warrior's den, finding her sister in her usual place, snoring away. Brookstream prodded her in the side with one paw.

"Wake up, Hazelspirit," she meowed quietly, as not to wake up any other of the sleeping warriors.

Hazelspirit felt her sister's paw, and she groaned, rolling over.

"Go away, Brookstream," she murmured sleepily.

"Come hunting with me, please?" Brookstream begged. "The fresh-kill pile is low, and I'm bored."

"Just go back to sleep, then," Hazelspirit muttered, blinking her hazel eyes in the dim light of the den.

"No! I'm already awake. Besides, I love hunting in the light of dawn." The silvery gray she-cat argued.

"Mmmhmmm...fine." muttered Hazelspirit. "I'll go."

Hazelspirit slowly got to her paws, shaking her pelt free of moss and leaves. Stretching, she thought to herself, /I'm definitely not a morning cat./

"Come on!" Brookstream meowed to her sister, and she took off out of the den. Hazelspirit followed more slowly, trying to wake herself up fully as she padded after her kin.

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You can stare,- but petting's- gonna cost.
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((Anyone who's up for roleplaying, jump right in!))


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As the two she-cats come padding out of the warrior's den, Rosekit, one of the younger kits,comes bouncing out of the nursery.

"Good morning, Hazelspirit and Brookstream. Where are you going? Are you going hunting? Can I come? "

She bounces around excitedly before her mother, Moonshine, peeks out of the nursery and calls her back.