midnight face grooming


I do the macho- walk!
Purred: Sun Nov 9, '08 12:23pm PST 
At night when mommy and daddy are sleeping I jump up on thier bed and go crazy with loud purring hair grooming and kneading, oh and face licking, they think it's both cute and annoying. Afterwards I run to my food dish eat and drink a little and sometimes I hope right back up in bed with them and do the same thing untill I fall asleep. any other Mau's out there do the same thing? mommy and daddy are wondering if I do it out of love or if it means something, anyone out there know?

Sodapop(thin- k- "Outsiders")

See me, Hear me,- Love me.......
Purred: Fri Jul 2, '10 8:09pm PST 
My pixie bob Sodipop does that more than my Mau girls...although Pixie's do have Mau ancestry....thinking