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Is there a more natural way to clean my dog's eyes stain area daily than to use eye wipes or other commercially available products? Something that will also help keep that area dry so the stains don't form?

On another note, I want to provide my dogs with bottled water like I used to, but those new commercials recently have me wondering (bottles spending forever in a land fill). Is there an environmentally way to offer non-tap water to my dog which I hope to lessen the staining?

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Hi GB!

I am not sure about the tear stains, as neither of my dogs get them.

But for getting bottled water without buying lots of single servings, does your local grocery store have the gallon jugs that are refillable?

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Here are a couple of sites that I found for products you can buy. I also read SOMEWHERE that apple cider vinegar in their water helps? al-Tear-Stain-Remover-Packs.HTML tail.php?prod=eyeenvylarge&cat=34


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I am going with Mokie's suggestion! Buy one of those jugs of water and just refill them infront of the grocery store or water and ice...... the refill machine at my grocery store is only a quarter! It's what I use for my family and pets smile


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we get boiled & britta water. as for the tear stains...mommy just uses warm water to clean mine with a make-up remover pad. my friends dad swears by camomile tea but i sneeze everytime so mommy just uses warm water seems to work as long as she stays on top of it...good luck!!