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Purred: Mon Sep 29, '08 7:37am PST 
I read about this group on the forum and I was wondering if I could join this group because I haven't been diagnosed with epilepsy, but I do have seizures. My vet said that epilepsy is very rare and that there could be another cause to my seizures. I have had some tests done (including much bloodwork), but nothing has been found. They said I could go through more and more tests (for example, MRI's, liver function, etc.) before they decide what the exact problem is. I am mostly happy and healthy, and my seizures are mild, and few and far between. My vet says we can just go along as we are as long as it doesn't get worse.
Anyway, I was just hoping to join this group if I could. Do you have to be diagnosed, or just have seizures? What does everyone think? smile


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Welcome, Coco! I don't think you have to be officially diagnosed. I don't think i was (but i can't really remember). I just know that the doctors tested me for all kinds of stuff to rule those things out. And once everything else was ruled out, then epilepsy was kind of just assumed. When i had my first seizure a long time ago, the docs told my mama that they diagnose epilepsy by pretty much ruling out everything else. And they said that in kitties it can be hard to diagnose.


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Welcome to EpileptiCats!!

I hope that we can provide hope and support for you in your difficult times as well as share laughter and love in our good times.

*purrs and headbonks*

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