Mom sad today

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Purred: Sun Sep 28, '08 6:10pm PST 
Mom wishes she could do more--
Today, she went for a drive with Dad into the rural Delta area.
Sure enough, Mom hears frantic meowing.
There in a kennel cage in front of an art gallery, is a beautiful shoeshoe looking mix girl.
She was standing up and crying at Mom. Mom was so upset. She just got us, and has a small house. It is "pushing it" she says to have my sister and I inside, an inside/outside older spraying cat, and feeding two spayed female ferals outside.
She was worried about getting too many cats.
Our city allows three only.
She also knows of a litter that needs help nearby her work. She has been helping her co-worker try to plan the trapping and spaying/neutering, or to take to SPCA.
She does not have a place to safely quarantine a new cat.
We are finally parasite and worm free, and have had all our shots, spayed and neutered.
Mom said after she tearfully apologized to the girl kitty today, the cat ignored her.
When she passed the little town later on the way home, she thought she could hear it crying again, in her mind.
Dad did not even tease her. He even said the cat was probably trying to contact her telepathically.

Time to try to find a way with an established organization. Mom is so sad about all the kitties that need help. She cant do it all herself-Everyone calls her Krazy Kat lady-
Affectionately, but---
She is hurting.