Carpet Clawing 101

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headed for the- light.
Purred: Wed Sep 24, '08 2:17am PST 
Well, as I mentioned, I have to bite and chew, not claw, but anyhoo--I do it to express myself, with the main emotions being involved being that even if I have everything I might want on my side of a door, I do not believe that any doors should be closed to me. The main area is around the door to my bedroom, which I pull up when I'm closed inside (I have recently chewed a small HOLE in the door which is one of those hollow wooden kind, and intend to enlarge it soon) although I also work on the area around Meowma's bedroom door when she is at work. She keeps that one closed when she's not ome so I can't go in there to poopie-roll/hide, and it makes me want to go in as soon as the door closes.
I did find a little plastic milk lid to chew up last night, but Meowma took it away just about the time I was pretending to strangle on it.


I'm the baby,- gotta love me!
Purred: Wed Sep 24, '08 6:54pm PST 
Very good. Destruction good and proper, whatever the means, is always a good thing. I think.

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