How did you get your name?

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Just Miracle

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Purred: Tue Sep 2, '08 1:52pm PST 
Does your name have a meaning behind it? Was there a reason or something you did to earn your name?

I'll start. Mine was because I was only a week old and abandoned by my mommy and my chances were bleak , esecially since my famiy was going ona 14 hour away week long vacation to seaworld and six flags. But i beat the odds and they called me Miracle from dday one. I hadd a littermate that had been born but that baby died and it was a wonder i didn't die as well. So that is how MY name came about. Pretty good choice by my mom if I do say so myself!! heheheh. cheer


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I got my name because long before she got me she saw a kitty in a magazine and remembered "Precious" so the day she got me she named me Precious remembering the promise to name her kitty that. So there ya go!way to gokitty

Paisan- =^..^= Angel-

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At the time I was rescued, I was living in a dirty garage. Mom and some others were cleaning the garage when I was spotted and captured. (3 weeks old). The lady that owned the house was Italian. Mom already had Big Buddy, and wanted to know what "buddy or friend" was in Italian. Paisan is a form of "buddy", and that is how I was named. kitty

Paisan- =^..^= Angel-

Yes, I do answer- to pizza.
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But, my "nickname" is Wee. That is because I was so darn small that I fit in just one of mommy's hands. wave


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we were living outside and our furmom walked us over to our present home. there was 4 kittens that needed to find homes. then one day my sister left. there were three boys left cry so my human mom named us Larry Mo and Curly in hopes the names were catchy enough that someone would adopt us. well it worked but since I had a bad habit, my human mom could not let me go. you see I used to go in the trash can and on the kitchen counter. I love bread! but i do not like hard cat food big grin i have gotten better about not getting up on the counter and not getting in the trash can. while Curly is my name i am often called trashy kitty or sometimes the trash man. wink my furmom still lives with me, so life is good! happy dance


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My family was in a Petsmart where a cat organization had cages set up. My mommy took one look at me and said "Look at this...SHE is a Stella!" Stella is star in Italian. Because of my coloring, Mommy says my 'proper name' is Stella D'Argento (silver star).


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My mommy gave birth to me on the property of a homeless shelter. I was the only surviving baby. Because of my markings, my human family took closeup photos of me and wanted to make up t-shirts that read "Got Milk?" (because of my milk moustache) That's when they decided to name me Milk. BTW, my momma's name is Cookie....


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Purred: Thu Sep 4, '08 3:32pm PST 
MY name means kitty in spanish with an "S" added. Kitty is michi or michu , and I am michis. Not a very original name , I know , but at the time of my adoption , I was a stray in the neighborhood , and nameless , so ppl called me kitty , that stray kitty over there , etc. So my mommy called mi michi at first nad then added the "IS", and I ws called michis. smile


-iTs aLl AbOuT- ME!!!-
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my nick names "mamsita is what the vet calles me , he adores cats and it means "hot chick". MOL. but it suits me
cheer. my other nick name "inteligencia en cuatro patas" means "inteligence on 4 paws" because my grandma said I was a dumb kitty (affecionatly) and mommy said , no she is an "inteligence on 4 paws" and the name stuck. cosita (the name of mommyys ipawd) means thingy and cOz (accent on the o) is just some wierd diminutive that mommy made up. chos is short for michis , chis , but then she replaced the "I" with an "O" and thats my most popular nickname. I know they are wierd , mommy always gives ppl and animals weird names!


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Hi all--

Mom and Dad both teach literature so they like to saddle us kitties with literary names. I was named after some crazy Russian poet. . . I guess. thinking

They also wanted me to have a Russian name of course. But they mostly call me Grey-bear or
Grey-bie. smile

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