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Just call me the- meow-inator.
Purred: Fri Nov 28, '08 2:56pm PST 
We had to go away for awhile but at least we got back in time for some luscious desserts. Whew, what a party this is!


Bad to the Bone- MOL!!!
Purred: Fri Nov 28, '08 3:37pm PST 
hehe mommee's momma sent some turkey over today...remember I never had any before.
It' the yummiest smelling thing I ever smelled!!! MOL
It's so yummi I've been playing in the paper bag it came in!!
We've still yet to get to sample it **mouth drools** but I'm sooo sooo excited!!!!


Oreo- ♥- ♥

Purred: Fri Nov 28, '08 4:42pm PST 
Looks like the pawty is winding down.... we're going to go nitey nites.... however for all furs, please continue to play, have fun and EAT!
'nite all! big laughwinkwave

Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Purred: Mon Dec 29, '08 2:06am PST 
(sings to herself as she whirls around the kitchen preparing the treats for New Years Eve.)

Dion The- CatDog

Always be up to- something or- into things
Purred: Wed May 6, '09 8:42pm PST 
Does anyfur comes here any more? Reads thru & sounds like ya hads fun here! Hello!

Luvs 'ya, Dion The CatDog

Alexandria- (Sweetest- Angel)

Running Devil
Purred: Thu May 7, '09 9:12am PST 
Maybe they will come back sometime. dog

Daisy Mae- Sunday Times

Duchess of Boxes
Purred: Sun May 17, '09 3:36pm PST 
(Lays out the slices of birthday cake on the counter)

Free cake to celebrate my birthday!

Goldie Our- Angel

I`m cute don`t- you think I am?
Purred: Mon Nov 14, '11 3:16am PST 
Hi Daisy have you seen Frodo around I wanted to play with him

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