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The Feline- Houdini
Purred: Tue Aug 26, '08 2:02pm PST 
Hi, my name is Smokey and I am a 2 year old mostly gray kitty. I live in Wisconsin near Green Bay (go pack go) with my human family, my friend Sam the australian shepherd, and my enemy Jenny the husky. I think we should all introduce ourselves so we can get to know each other better.

Hope to hear from you all soon,


Mr. Fez- (Angel- Dreamboat- #25)

Hippie Kitty
Purred: Fri Aug 29, '08 9:52pm PST 
Good idea for a thread Smokey - we haven't been a very active group...

I'm Mr. Fez. I just turned 3 years old. I'm a gray Domestic Shorthair adopted from a shelter. I live in the Wausau, WI area with Mom and 2 "brothers". I have juvenile cataracts and don't see very well.

My "little brother" Linus is a cream European Burmese obtained from a very good breeder and he will be 2 years old Septemer 9. He has gone to some cat shows and is working on points for his Grand Premier title.

My "big brother" Mickey is 12 years old. He is a brown tabby and white Domestic Shorthair also adopted from a shelter... after being thrown from a car. He went to his first cat show in July with Linus and did pretty well in Household Pet.

I have not gone to any cat shows though, I would probably be too scared for that. More information on us on our Catster pages.

Cleo (The- Queen) RIP

I am the Queen- of the house....
Purred: Sun Aug 31, '08 5:43pm PST 
Hi it is nice to meet you. Our mommy and daddy used to live in Green Bay-not too far from the stadium.way to go

Little Coqui

I is at my- furever home!!
Purred: Sun Sep 7, '08 4:30pm PST 
Hi!! I is from Janesville. I lives with my Mommie and Bella and Mufasa. I is originally from San Juan, Puerto Rico. But now I is a Wisconsin Kittie!!! I comed here in May, and now I is six months old and used to being in Wisconsin (except I hasn't experienced winter yet!). I is all black, with medium to longs hair. And beautiful eyes, according to my Mommie!


not really a- lion
Purred: Sun Sep 7, '08 4:36pm PST 
I just turned two. I am Little Coqui's big brother. I was originally in LaCrosse, until I was 10 months old. Then I came to live here with Mommie in Janesville. Mommie found me on Catster! (she found Coqui here too!!) I love to climb, I love to wrestle with Coqui, I love treats and my VET says I am a very nice cat.

♥- Bella- ♥

I\'m married to- Tucker!!!
Purred: Sun Sep 7, '08 4:43pm PST 
I am Bella, the oldest in our family (other than Mommie, of course). I am five years old. I came to live with Mommie when I was one year old. She found me at Touched by a Paw in Whitewater.
She fell in love with me as soon as she saw me. My name means "beautiful" in Italian, and that's what Mommie says I am.


Mr. Mojo
Purred: Thu Sep 11, '08 8:43am PST 
Hi, I'm Mogley and I'm only 5 months old. I'm actually going to the vet today to get my special surgery so wish me luck! My mommy has lived in both Janesville and Whitewater and now Madison is where we call home. I'm from a nice lady in Rockford, IL that took very good care of me and cried when it was time for me to go to my forever home because they say I'm a very special little guy. My big brother won Cat of Year this year and our daddy is a Champion show cat too. Mommy says she doesn't plan on showing me though and I'm supposed to just relax and enjoy my days of being a spoiled pet kitty.


Please Save a- Life, Adopt a- Cat!
Purred: Tue Sep 16, '08 7:40pm PST 
Great thread idea... I am Pepper and I live in La Crosse! No one else lives over here at all! I am from a shelter and my mom also works at a shelter.

I rock the torti attitude, I know what I like and what I don't. I am spoiled rotten, Momma and Daddy give me gifts and wonderful food. In exchange I bite their ankles and meow all night. I am very loved and can't wait for Momma and Daddy to move next May so I can get a fur-sibling (we are still deciding on whether it will be of the feline or canine persuasion).

Daisy -- Rainbow- Bridge

Purred: Sun Feb 15, '09 12:22pm PST 
I'm Daisy and me and my fur-family live in Manitowoc.

I'm the old lady of the group (at 5 1/2 lol) I have a brother, Salty, who's almost 5, a sister, Gabby who's about 2 1/2 and a new little brother Ozzy, who is almost 5 months old. Me and Salty (well, mostly me) wasn't very nice to Ozzy, so now that I'm used to having him around and try to initiate some play time, he hisses at me. I have a feeling that when he gets bigger he's gonna kick my *ss, lol...naughty

Wally- Whitetoes

Portly is- Beautifull!
Purred: Tue Mar 24, '09 5:50am PST 
I got 'lected to say we are Wally Whitetoes, Sweetie (the Misnamed),
Summer, and ShamanEli. We live in Door County. So here is our collective

Hello Wisconsin Cat Club Members

Wally Whitetoes
Portly is Beautifull

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