Introducing my childhood friends

Dusty- (always in- my heart)

Dude you gonna- feed me or what
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Abigail was my brothers cat she came home with us when she was 8 weeks old I was about 12 at the time . She quickly became a well loved family member. Abby was so well socialized between all the kids that came through our house and the other pets we had she was not phased by much. she was sweet, playful, affectionate, and patient. Abby lived with me towards the end her life because she would not have made a good city cat when my brother moved to new york. Abby was even apart of my daughter first 2 yrs. Even as an older lady she gave my daughter the same love and affection she gave us as kids had so much patience with her. She was diagnosed with a melenoma in her eye 3 year ago. The cancer spread quickly but even then she still acted like the same Abbycat i grew up with. She was 16 when she passed

Dusty was my boy, my best friend growing up. He was also Abby's Son. He was so much like his mama, sweet, affectionate, loving, patiant and laid-back. Except he grew up to be a big boy. His mama was a dainty 6 pounds, he was 18 ponds. Dusty was so intuned to me he new when i was upset,angry or just plain sad. He would curl up with me and let me cry into his fur. Dusty was even at my wedding, i have pictures. Dusty was loved by my daughter also ,and helped me look out for her the first 2 years of her life. Dusty had a tumor in his belly that was discovered after he bit my daughter. Which he never would done normally. she had been pressing on his belly when he reacted so it must have hurt. He pased 3 years ago 4 months before Abby

I adopted Zippy when i was 15 years old, She was 6 years old. She was my companion for 10 years loved by all that new her. I had a job as a teen that allowed her to come with me so you rarely saw me with out her. She loved everybody, the attentions, the petting, the treats she was a typical golden retriever. Zippy was there with me through alot. She saw me married and my first child. when my daughter was born Zippy would wake me up if she was crying . Zippy passed away when my daughter was 5 months old at the age of 16. She's been gone for 5 yrs

I adopted Winnie when i was 17 years old so i guess technically she was not truly from my childhood but i still consider her from that part of my life. Winnie had been a semi feral cat at the time i adopted her from a shelter where i volunteered. She was the sweetest gentlest soul. She was never a very social cat out in the open but she loved one on one time . She slept with me every night for 13 years. I loved her voice so soft, and her fur was like silk. Winnie was diagnosed with nasal cancer 8 months ago. She passed 6 months ago at the age of 15