VERY IMPORTANT! Animal cruelty legislation in Canada!


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In Canada animal cruelty laws are soft on prosecution of animal abusers. Recently bill S-203 was passed to make it look like they were updating the law but it is in fact full of loopholes that allow things such as breeding dogs for fighting! Recently where we live there have been a number of cats found dismembered in local parks. it's been going on over a period of months and nothing seems to be being done by authorities, because animal abuse laws are weak!
The Canadian Federation of Humane Societies has issued this statement, On June 4th, NDP Member of Parliament Penny Priddy tabled Bill C-558, a private member’s
bill to amend the animal cruelty section of the Criminal Code. This bill is very similar
to Liberal MP Mark Holland’s Bill C-373. Although the NDP has strongly supported Bill C-373,
this bill will not come up for debate in the House of Commons for some time because
Mr. Holland’s assigned priority number for a private member’s bill is way down on the list.

Ms. Priddy’s assigned number is higher on the list, so her bill received First Reading on
June 4th. It will begin Second Reading when the House resumes in the fall. It is not
permissible to have two identical bills on the table, so the NDP had to make their bill
different from C-373. However, the fundamental concepts remain.

The CFHS wholeheartedly commends Mr. Holland for his dedication to improving our animal
cruelty laws; he has been, and continues to be, a strong supporter of better legislation.
The CFHS still supports Bill C-373 and also supports the NDP bill, C-558.
Here is also a sample written letter that you can send to your goverment official, it is written for bill c-373 but can be amended for bill C-558 which will come up sooner. Please help those who don't have the voice to help themselves.