I'm new here!

Tiny Tina

Fearless to the- point of- reckless
Purred: Sun Aug 17, '08 3:07pm PST 
Hi there! I was excited to see a page for TN pups, because I'm one, too! I was born a Florida dog, but the year after I was rescued my Mommy and Daddy moved up here. I like the snow that we get sometimes! I'd never seen it before! I live in Tazewell, which is about an hour NE of Knoxville.
Glad to meet you all! (Or as they say here in East TN...you'uns)


You want me to- do what?
Purred: Wed Aug 27, '08 12:14pm PST 
Howdy Tiny Tina!! wave We're glad to have you as a member!! blue dog


Cats smell good.- He-he.
Purred: Fri Sep 12, '08 5:11pm PST 
Hi, Tiny Tina. We (my Min Pin sister, Pippi and I) were glad to find a group with some local dogs, too. Glad to have you up this way, and I sure do wish we could have a little bit of that snow you mentioned right now.