flea allergies?


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first off, i wanted to say hello and let ya'll know that this is an awesome group! i've been looking for something like this for a while now. happy dance

now about flea allergies... do a lot of you doggies suffer from this problem? if so, what helps you the most?

i have this problem and im not feeling very well right now. frown

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I don't have flea allergies; but, I wanted to welcome you to the groupwave and say that we hope you feel better real soon!

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My dogs had fleas last year, and the allergies were awful. They'd chew themselves bloody, the poor things.

This year, luckily, we have been blessed with no fleas. Last year, our approach to fighting the allergies was based in getting rid of the fleas while restoring health to the immune system.

It's very frustrating to watch your animals mutilate themselves. We tried everything we could to go to the non-chemical route (daily vacuuming, frequent bathing/brushing, DE, etc.) and still had fleas. We ended up doing one treatment of Revolution and that totally fixed the problem.

We followed that up with some detox, and a well-constructed PMR diet to boost the immune system.

Aww, I'm sorry that you're going through this. I know how awful it can be.



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you know i recently read that the lavender plant keeps fleas away. i wonder if i put a plant near my baby's bed, if the fleas will stay away because of it?