This doesn't look like a very active group but here goes!


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I went to buy a Siamese/Bengal girl kitten and saw Flynn. I got the girl kitten as well, her name is Mitzi. Flynn was fostered on her mum and they were raised together.

Flynn looks like an silver Egyptian Mau and the lady told me he was one. No papers and no pedigree.

He shows many of the breed behaviours but he is not talkative and, so far, he has bonded to Mitzi rather than to me or my husband (although he is happy enough to be handled, stroked and does come for cuddles).

He will eat ANYTHING. Is this normal for an Egyptian Mau? Even peas off the kicthen floor. He hunts in the garden and eats his kills. He even digs for earthworms and eats those.

(By the way, the garden is cat-secure, so he is quite safe.)

I would love to know about other Egyptian Mau's eating habits.


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Well, as far as maus are concerned they eat anything. Many articles I've read have even stated that they often need to be put on a diet. I have two of them and one tries (I stress the tries) to eat food that I just put in my mouth. And they both run when the refrigerator door opens and try to climb in to see if anything is open and available for eating....I get fairly irritated at this trait of theirs.


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kitty Did someone mention food? I love to eat to keep my energy upcheersince I love to play, play, playhappy dance

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Hi there! I'm a newbie to the group. My Chloe will eat anything, and is extremely active! Her favorite thing to do is to walk across the top of a door!! Incredible how she can walk on something that is an inch wide! She likes to get on top of the bedroom door and divebomb the bed when she wants me to get up in the morning! Smart as can be too!