My short time with Shadow

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Shadow has been gone for over a month and it feels longer.

I was on vacation over the July 4th week and it really hit me how much I miss him.

When Shadow first came around, he would run away if I got within 10 feet of him. However, I'm persistent when it comes to cats....and since he was a twin of Stormy, I knew I wanted him more because of that.

For 3 months, I would try and try to pet him...but he would just sit and let his food sit until I left. I would pretend to leave and show up again, only to have him run.

As the time went on though, he would not run as far or find it as important....and then one day, he stayed eating his food while I pet him. The first day he allowed me to pet him, I did for a few minutes and left him alone to eat. It was a wonderful day because I honestly thought, he would be a feral cat.

Shadow always disliked Rusty. He would chase Rusty and fight him before I neutered him. However, after Shadow was neutered....he still chased Rusty. Shadow always wore his onery pants.

Sadly, I don't have many memories of Shadow. He was taken from me too soon.

I think the saddest part is that he was just starting to let my husband and daughter pet him....something that had always been a big NO to him.

However, Shadow was and still is a big part of my cat life. His ashes came back to me and they now sit with my beloved Stormy.

I have to wonder how Rusty....found some of Shadow's fur one day. I had Rusty leashed up because of his hurt back leg....and he started smelling some fur. It was from the cat brush and it sat in the yard. Granted the yard had been mowed and it rained a few times....

Seems to me, that was a gift. So I put the fur in with the ashes.....and when I'm ready to forever seal the urn, I will.

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I understand, it's so hard to lose a kitty. hug