Question for all Sams-What is the weirdest thing you have ever ate?


World domination
Purred: Mon Jun 30, '08 1:50pm PST 
Today I ate a little gecko that dared to venture into my house. My mom was not too happy!eek

Really, I don't understand what the fuss is all about. laugh out loud

Samantha- Louise

Where's a lap? - I need one.
Purred: Tue Jul 8, '08 10:30am PST 
eeeeeeuuuuuuww!!!! Sammy!!! shockshock

(I guess I shouldn't admit that I killed a roach. But I didn't EAT HIM!! I just held him in my mouth until he quit wiggling. red face red face)


World domination
Purred: Thu Jul 10, '08 2:14pm PST 
My mom would freak if she saw a roach! You are a good hunter kitty! applause

PS-I love your Ninja picture!