Hey hey!


Ready for summer- warmth :)
Purred: Sun Jun 29, '08 2:50pm PST 
I just joined! This is a very interesting group. I am a very big fur ball. If you want to talk this is the social thread!dancing

Samson T.- Hunter

Master of All He- Sees
Purred: Sun Jun 3, '12 3:05am PST 
Hi, Harry! wave My name's Samson and I'm a Ragdoll cross from Australia. The weather down here is getting pretty yucky. Summer has deserted us and Winter is barging in with no attempt at subtlety. confused Still, one must take the bad with the good.

My furiend Yogi found a snake a while ago. He had to spend the night at the vet's, but he was alright. Do you have snakes around your place? We're surrounded by paddocks infested with the things! Almost worse than fleas.

Well, I'd better go now. Catch you later, and any other Rags who join in! cat on moon