Brittany Issues: Rescue or Breed Specific?


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Harvey was a brittany mix rescued from the ABR. He's a great big sweetie, except when he's not. He's fine with his mom, and me (big sister) for the most part, but has serious aggression issues. He's more than snapped and bitten when playing (somewhat understandable -- he gets too riled up), and has when startled, bitten or attempted to bite my brothers and father on multiple occasions. He's also gone after teenage boys while on the leash, bit my father's nurse, and actually broke through a screen door to chase someone down the street.
We're concerned, obviously. We love him, but we don't want him to hurt anyone else, so we're working on his behavior, taking precautions, and will be hiring a behaviorist.

I'm curious, though. Are these behaviors more typical of a rescue dog in general or an exaggeration of instinctual Brittany breed traits?

He's our first Brit, we've always had goldens before this so we're both happy to have such a fun and bouncy character and unsettled by the level of protectiveness.

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In my experience and from what I know about the breed Britts ane not generally aggressive. Now having said that, each dog is different and rescue dogs are especially hard to understand at times. Sometimes we don't know what type of home they were raised in. Maybe your boy was mistreated as a pup, not trained, or "mistrained" to think these aggressive behaviors are okay. It may also have something to do with the other breeds he is mixed with you never know. I think it's smart to work with a behavior expert and he'll definitely need a lot of attention and positive reinforcement training, but Britts are so very smart I think it's possible he'll catch on and un-learn his aggressive traits. Britts are high energy so try to direct that into his training as much as possible. GOOD LUCK!!