What is your Warrior Name? And your Clan.....?

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Captain of the- USS Voyagpurr
Purred: Sun Jun 1, '08 10:45am PST 
Go to http://warriorcats.com/warriorshell.html, click on games and find out what your name is and what clan you belong to!!!

I am Wildpelt from Windclan.


1st officer of- the USS Voyapurr
Purred: Sun Jun 1, '08 10:47am PST 
I am Tanglepelt of Windclan.


Cheif Engineer- of the USS- Voyagpurr
Purred: Sun Jun 1, '08 10:48am PST 
I am Bluepath from Windclan!


The name's Bond- USS Snowshoe- Translator
Purred: Sun Jun 1, '08 7:06pm PST 
I'm Tangletail and my little sis is Mudkit. We are both in Windclan. OH, my mummy is Leopardpath of Windclan. hug We all love running!!snoopy laugh out loud hamster dance cloud 9 party kitty happy dance


I put the cat in- Neko
Purred: Fri Jul 4, '08 3:02pm PST 
Im Brighttalon of shadowclan my owner is foxfang of thunderclankitty


Darlin' Darlene
Purred: Wed Jul 30, '08 5:57pm PST 
I'm leafpaw Of windclan

Hambone is Firepaw of windclan.

Well, he loves to run and hmmph attack!!happy dance


You can stare,- but petting's- gonna cost.
Purred: Thu Dec 4, '08 3:14pm PST 
I named my kitty, Gigi, Brookstream of SkyClan. I am Hazelspirit of SkyClan. I love Warriors and I'm so glad I found this group!

Hazelspirit & Brookstream kitty


Sir Hambone of- Hammylot
Purred: Tue Dec 23, '08 12:16pm PST 
Purrs to you Gigi! You are a Warrior Cat. applauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplauseapplause

♥- Freddie- ♥

Psst! Hey, You!- C`mere! Pull My- Paw!
Purred: Sat Jan 17, '09 3:06pm PST 
I am Thornpath, of the WindClan...wave

♥- Spitfire- ♥

What Da Baby- Wants Da baby- Gets!
Purred: Sat Jan 17, '09 3:08pm PST 
I am Spottedpath, little brother of Thornpath. I am in the WindClan...

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