Glucosamine supplements for luxating patella


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I am looking into glucosamine supplements - natural ones, naturally - for Mississippi's gimpy knee. Chicken feet are a no go because they're... chicken.

I'm looking at ordering from in the future - I want their organ/tripe mix and am thinking of the Xcaliber mix with the trachea and stuff, and maybe some trachea... But I digress.

Is there a good supplement for the meantime before I can up levels in her diet? (I'd rather give myself the time to save up and the space in the freezer for an order.) Will a higher glucosamine diet be enough, or should I add a supplement anyway? What do you think?

About Miss's knee: it's probably a grade II luxating patella - it's not to the point of surgery yet, and it doesn't cause her a ton of pain. Only rarely does it luxate, and it goes back in place within about 30 seconds, max. Her other back leg doesn't seem to have LP at all, so it may not be congenital, but who knows.

Any help would be awesome, and if you need more info out of me, I'd be happy to see what I can come up with!


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Izzie has had some elbow issues too and both her and Mox are on joint supp to help keep their long backs in tip top shape (hopefully)...

Anywho, I've been told that supplements of MSM, Chondrointin and Glucosamine are good because the ingredients work synergisticly. Some supps I've seen contain vit C, Yucca, aloe vera, Omega 3's and other added ingredients too.

We've tried powdered supplements in the past ( and am currently on a liquid supplement for horses we picked up at the tack shop...

I don't think for us it would be enough to pack a diet full of glucosamine sources, particularly for a dog with an actual condition such as the patella problems. Perhaps it would be enough in dogs who are just wishing to maintain healthy joints. I don't know that for a fact, but the supps have helped Iz... so I've stuck with them.

I'll do a little searching to see if I can find some comparisons of the qty of glucosamine in gullet, trachea, etc with the quantities in supp.

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To be on the safe side, I would add an extra supplement. Wiggles has an arthritic knee, and bad hips from old age. He is on a pill form of glucosamine, chondroitin, and msm, because like Izzie said, they work together to give the best result. Right now, he's got the Kroger brand, but I want to upgrade to something like Synflex next time we need to refill.

I've also added fish oil, which is supposed to help lubricate joints to give more comfort. Then there's his Duralactin, which is a derivative of milk that is supposed to help with pain. So far, this combination has helped him out tremendously. I'm still looking for a yucca supplement, but have yet to find any around me.


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Ooh, thanks! What brands of supplements do you folks use?


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We used the Springtime, Inc "Joint health" powder (we got the horse formula, it lasted longer since we didn't need much more than a pinch a day)... the Synflex that Wiggles mentioned is supposed to be a good liquid supp, although we haven't tried it, but know plenty of other pups who use it... the liquid that we have right now came from the tack shop and at the moment I can't remember what the name on the bottle is! BOL!


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i use the walgreen's brand gluco/chond/msm triple strength for Orson, i found it to be the cheapest.
I also give fish oil, vit. E and ester-C for his arthritic knees and HD.


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I've used the Synflex Glucosamine for my dog who is having patella problem (grade II), and it helps her tremendously... I also added the fish oil to her diet everyday. (Only Natural Salmon Oil - 2 pumps everyday). She is running like a puppy again (even though she is a puppy blue dog & I can see in her face that she is not in pain anymore. I highly recommend.


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Daisy has luxated patella's in both knees, actually runs on three legs and keeps the really bad leg up! Lily tore her right ACL a few weeks ago, so I've started them both on Synflex and Duralactin, with Ester C added to their food. We've only been doing this for a week, the Synflex says it will take about 10 days to 2 weeks for me to see results. I wanted to get them on the Duralactin so we could stop the Metacam Lily has to take. I heard Duralactin is better for her.

My vet also said a tablespoon (they're Chi mixes, so maybe more for big dogs?) of cottage cheese every night with their food will help with joint problems.