We are rescue kitties too!


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I was found living under the porch of an empty house trying to protect my baby. The nice people took me to Homeward Bound shelter, where we had to live in a little cage for a while (I didn't like that), but we did get food & I didn't have to watch out for coyotes anymore. Then someone came to visit who just lost her cat of 15 yrs. She visited every week until my baby was old enough that we could both go home with her. We love our home, but now 3 rescue doggies have come to live with us, too. If they'd mind their own business, it'd be o.k., but they want to pester us all the time. Because mom is so busy with their medicines, vet visits, and whatnot, we don't get the attention we'd like from her anymore. If you know anyone who wants to lavish lots of petting & playing on two very nice kitties, Please tell my mom!


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I was living in a car with my old owner when my Mommy found me. She helped my "Car Lady", and she took me in. I've been with her for about 2 years now. She still talks to my old Car Lady too. I miss the Car Lady sometimes, but I do love my Mommy, and sleeping in her squishy bed! I just wish she would stop rescuing all the other animals.... the iguana is a pain in my tail!


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Here's my story:

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I was unwanted because I was a black kitten and I was the runt and was found by animal control . My mom found me at the shelter . cheer