Today it has been a month..


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Baby has been gone for one month today. I still miss him very much. I also got a phone call from Cat Fancy Magazine. They are doing a story on past winners of contests. Babys will be his obit. The lady reporter asked alot of questions, and said it would be in a up comming story..


Forever in- Mommy's Heart
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Baby's parent. Welcome. Everyone here totally understands! Taz's two year is coming up and it still feels like yesterday. They really do leave their pawprints on our hearts and that never goes away.

Tell us about baby. We are here to share and listen


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Don't know where to start. baby was a rescue kitten from early March of 1970. Our local Animal Allies rescued him from a neighborhood where kits had thrown him in a garbage can, and were throwing firecrackers at him. He couldn't have been more than a few weeks old. Anyhow, my Mother was contacted from Animal Allies that they had a poor little kitten that needed a home. We both had done things, and given money to them in the past. We already had a cat, and two dogs at the time. When I went to pick up the little one. He was so small that I could almost put him in my shirt pocket. When I got him home I gave him to Mother. The little Boy shivered for more than a hour while my Mother held him. He then ate, and got along fine with the other cat, and the dogs. That stayed like that for many years before my Mother had a heart attack, and had a hard time taking care of all of the pets. I worked durring the evening, so I would take care of them all durring the day, and when I got done with work. We decided that we would have to put a few to sleep. The two dogs were older, and pretty set in there ways. The other cat had died from whatever.. I can't remember.. Baby was left, along with one dog. Baby didn't really get along with that dog, but my Mother liked that one the most. When my Mother died in 1988. I was then left with Baby, and the dog. The dog never liked being here in the first place. It was a stray. Just one day when i opened the door. He took off. I went after him, but he didn't want to come back. He just kept running. Then it was just Baby and Me. Mary came into the picture in 1989. We were maried in 1991. At the wedding Mary's Priest asked me who my Best Friend was.. I told him the truth. Baby. He asked again. Again I said Baby. He said no it should be Mary!! I said no, I knew Baby longer..

Baby stayed here for 38 years. He was a good Boy durring that time. We had some good times together, along with some pretty hard ones. Like when my Mother died. She left some big bills behind that I had a hard time paying. I only had two things in the house. A can of sourkrut, and some lunch meat. Baby got the meat, and I ate the sourkrut for two days. I always tried to give Baby the best. He was my only friend at the time. We both just kind of stayed around home for most of his life. I guess that is one of the reasons I miss him so much now. It feels like a part of me is missing. I can never get that back. At least not in this life time.

I do have alot of memories of my Boy, and some of them are comming back. It will just take some time before I will write all of them down.

I guees for Baby's Bio. Some thing that he didn't like were Kids. When ever Kids came into the hous.. he would run and hide. I guess it must have had something to do with the firecracker thing. He rembered that all the way up untill his death.

I don't know if there is anything else that you want me to tell you about Baby. If there is please let me know. Maybe I can tell you.. Baby's Dad.. Al