Am I the only one who has changed after losing a pet

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Kissy's mom, I'm so sorry about Bugsy. I hope you're OK. Sending you a big hug and lots of comforting purrs. hug

Bugsy - 1989 - 2008

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Thank you for your thoughts. Bugsy crossed the bridge at 1:45 on Monday, May 19, 2008. He was cradled in Mommy and Daddy's arms as he peacefully went to sleep. I miss him just so very, very much! He was 19 years old - it was as bad as losing a child. I know no one else here misses him as badly as I do. My daughter thinks I am crazy. Maybe so - but they all give me so much love - and don't ask anything in return except to be cuddled and loved back. I still miss Kissy just as much - I still expect him to be there meowing when I open the car door! It is just so hard - and it will happen again sooner than I want - Spot is 20 and Dusty and Mr. Kitty are 19. But - I will get through it and they have had wonderful lives. Thank you to all of you for being here!

Rcee- "Sunshine- Kitty"- 4/26/07

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I am so sorry to hear about Bugsy. May the angels watch over him. Sending lots of purrrs to you for comfort. little angel

I feel the same way. I am so paranoid at everything Minxzie does now even if she sneezes a little from the dust. I scan the room everytime I am with her to make sure there is nothing for her to get hurt by. I double and trible check her food she eats because I want absolutely the best. I check any medications that are given to her from the vet and weigh them out with holistic meds. I make everyone who comes into my house wash there hands before touching her, just incase they have touched another kitty who may have something. I actually have seperation anxiety when I am away and call my friend who is watching her a thousand times or have the pet sitter call me just to let me know things are ok. All toys must be approved by me also to make sure nothing can be swallowed. AHHHHH I think I am a little crazy and paranoid no???

Rcee was a kitty who grew up not knowing what a rabies, fcrvp, etc shots where. I did not know at that time since I was young myself that she needed these shots. Rcee moved everywhere with me even a long car ride down and back from Boston to Florida and many of my numerous apt's in Boston! She never complained. She hung out with other kitties when she was young with my roommates kitties who of course did not have shots either. She escaped one day from my screened window. Never knew she was pregnent until I saw blood on my bed. She was 2+ yrs old at that time. She had 2 cute kits Kiko and Crush who came to live with friends at that time. Sometime after that I had her fixed because then I learned my lesson. She ate all the junk food like tender vittles *yuck* Rcee never had her teeth brushed like I do with Minxzie now but she did have a few left in the end to let me know she was not happy at the vets. She lived to be almost 21 years old until her little heart gave out. I think about her every day and miss her so much.

I love Minxzie but in a different way. Funny how I am so over protective of Minxzie yet Rcee was a wild and free furchild!

May my little "Sunshine Kitty" rest in peace. little angel little angel

Shadow- *Kitty- Angel*

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Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 7:37am PST 
You are not alone.

My cat, Stormy, was my best friend. He was given to me by my husband to keep me company while he was away in the service.

Stormy then went on to move with me from Nebraska to California...and then we moved 10 years later to our new state of IL...and we've been here for 12 years.

Stormy was the cat I had neutered. My parents didn't neuter any cats, so sadly they would wander off and not return. So, Stormy did change my ways. I was not going to be like my parents and just have cats and not get the vaccinated or fixed.

Living out here in IL, Stormy lived for 10 months. He lived longer than the vet had thought and that was good. I was grateful and enjoyed all the time I had with my best cat friend. It was hard to let him go, but at the same time....I know he was struggling with a liver disease and no cure. He died in my arms and while I cried, I also knew that there was no more disease.

I got my first IL cat, Patches 4 years ago. I brought her in the house and had her spayed, shots...everything.
Two years after getting Patches, Rusty shows up. I feed him, name him and take him to the vet. Shadow followed Rusty home and was intertwined with took me 3 months to catch Shadow, and sadly I just lost Shadow to a tragic, freak accident.

Our neighbors moved and left their black cat--who's a male cat and they thought he was a he was not fixed. So, I've adopted him and he's now a part of my family.

Change of ways and habits is good. I don't want anything bad to happen to my outdoor cats and after Shadow.....I'm now scared about losing Rusty and Baxter. However, Shadow's death has taught the whole family.

We all are feeling the loss of Shadow. Maybe he'll help a poor lost kitty find their way to our house.

Thanks for reading.

Sadie (In- Loving- Memory)

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No way, I feel the same way. I had my little Sadie for 13 years. She was the light of my life and now that she is gone, almost one year, I look at my pets in a different way also.


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Welcome Shadow and Sadie. Really glad you came and joined the group. This is a great group of people and different from the other "Angel" groups on Catster. Where other groups are about keeping the cats around at the bridge, this group is for remembering how they were in our lives and sharing that. Please join in and start new topics and tell us about your lives with your babies.


Forever in- Mommy's Heart
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Rcee, yup you and I sound a lot alike. So my follow up thought, were our "wild children" happier because didnt protect them so much? Dont get me wrong, Winnie and Chessy are happy, healthy kitties with amazing lives. But I just wonder if I let Taz have more fun. I dont ever remember telling her No like I do Chessy with everything he wants to play with.

Abbie- (always in- my heart)

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Purred: Fri Jul 11, '08 9:52pm PST 
I'm definitely a different pet owner now than I was when I got Abbie. In my case, though, I don't think it's because of losing her.

When I got Abbie, I was 20. I got both my kitties spayed at the right time, kept up with their boosters, and took them to the vet at any sign of concern. I come from a long line of worriers (please don't let me have the "Aunt Pearl" gene!) and suffer from chronic anxiety disorder. Back then, it wasn't as bad. And I, too, didn't kitten proof my house or research the best foods. Some of that was because no one had heard of the internet back then and that's where I do most of my research today. Also, there weren't as many premium pet foods to choose from. My cats ate Purina Kitten Chow until they were each a year old and then they ate Tender Vittles, because that's what my childhood kitty had eaten. It wasn't until Abbie began to gain weight too quickly and the vet asked about her food that I realized that I was basically feeding them junk food. After that, I fed them what the doctor recommended: Science Diet.

I think that more is known now, through cat magazines, better information on the internet, and even through pet stores. We are more aware of what our cats need these days. Also, I am in a better financial position to pay for the things they need than I was when I was 20. And let's face it. After 20 additional years, I hope I'm wiser.

I was a fanatic about keeping them safe inside the apartment, always worrying that they would escape. I frequently took them to the vet because I just didn't think they felt well. In those cases, there was usually something wrong, like a bladder infection.

Despite my feeding them junk food early in their lives and never knowing anything about grain-free diets or pet water fountains, Sasha lived to be 19 and Abbie 18.

I wondered if my anxiety would increase because of losing her. But it seems to be the same as it was before. I worry about Binks and Matilda, but not as a result of losing Abbie. It's just my nature (okay, maybe I have a small bit of the "Aunt Pearl" gene in me...).

Mostly, I think times are different than they were when many of us got our beloved angel kitties. We are older, wiser and better informed than we were. We see the mistakes we made and vow not to make them again. (Many years from now, we'll see different mistakes we made and vow not to make those, too.) And I am a mother of a six-year-old little girl now, something that was so far in the distance when I got Abbie and Sasha. I have a child to worry about. And a husband. So, perhaps my worry is just too spread too thin.

My mother and step father just lost their sweet Dalmatian yesterday. I was with them the day they got him 15 years ago. He was such a sweet, well-behaved, calm and loving boy. Just happy to be loved and eager to please. I'm an only child, so he became my brother, even though I was already grown and on my own when they got him. My mother told me today that she can never have another pet, that she cannot bear to lose another one. My step dad, on the other hand, doesn't know what to do with himself without a pet to care for. Dekker was his first pet and his only child. But he, I think, would like to open his heart to another dog some day while my mom is done. Of course, her pain is fresh and she might change her mind, but I doubt it.

The fact that each of us has probably opened our hearts to other pets says a lot about us. We are willing to face the pain of loss some day because living without a furry friend by our side would not constitute a life worth living to us. I am hoping that Binks and Matilda will live as long as Abbie and Sasha did, if not longer. And I take them to the vet at the slightest sign of a stubbed toe. But I'm not thinking about how many years they have left. I never even thought of Abbie's mortality. To me, she'd just be with me forever. And in my heart, she is.

You know... the more I think about it, the more I realize that the change that took place in me happened during Abbie's lifetime, not after. She gave me someone to take care of, someone to love, and someone who loved me no matter what. She helped me step out of the moments when I would have rather wallowed in self pity because, with her, I was never alone. And when I was flying high on successes or infatuations, she was always there to ground me, to remind me to pay attention to someone else other than myself. She helped me become the adult I am today. She taught me to be responsible for someone other than myself. Losing her just makes me miss her and wish she could have been with me longer (or forever). But I'm still the same old worrier.

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I changed after losing Wanda in 2006, I sank into deep depression and couldn't seem to stop crying. I still cry over her. It hurt me that friends and especially family expected me to pick up and go on. It made it seem like they had little disregard for my feelings and very little respect for my precious Wanda. I finally after a year of being unable to go a day without crying had to seek help from my doctor. I think the worst part is how Wanda's death changed my respect for my family-they hurt me. I still love my angel so much and am crying as I write this.
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