Zealie giveaway day

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Hi, all!

Today is the day that I will be giving away 100 Zealies to the lucky winner! But there's just one problem....

I don't know who will be getting them! The rules were that the new members should post the name of the kitty who invited them. See below:

I will give 50 zealies (now 100!) to the cat who gets the most members to join the Tiger Ranch Kittys group. (Administrators are exempt from the contest. Mommy's such a party pooper!)

1. Each member is asked to contact kitties to join this group.
2. The kitties (invitees) who join will need to post in this thread the name of the cat who invited him/her. If a kitty does not post the name of the "inviter" before the contest ends, the "invitee" will not be counted toward the "inviter's" tally.
3. The contest ends 4/25/08 at 11hi59 PM.
4. On 4/26/08, the numbers will be tallied and the winning cat will be awarded 50 (now 100!) zealies.
***New members are encouraged to participate.***

The only kitty "inviter" that was mentioned was "Beau's sisfur," but Mommy doesn't know who she is.

So, if Beau's sisfur is out there, please let Mommy know who you are. She really wants to give away these Zealies! They're burning a hole in her Catster pages!

Love to all!

Big Head


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That would be me! My little brother Beau is in a group called Sweet Face and that's where the kitty heard about this group!


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This is Beau's page.happy dance

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Hi, All!

With a little help from Peek-a-Boo (great name!), and obviously Esther, Beau's sisfur is Ava...and Esther, etc...

It is with great pleasure that I award the Zealies to this wonderful cat furmily. They inspire us to believe that great things can happen when we care, share and support those in need!

Thank you, all!applause

You know what they say, "Don't spend them all in one place"laugh out loud


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We don't know what to say!!! This is tremendously generous and your words are too kind. When our Mew passed away from FIP at the tender age of 5.5 months, my family was devastated. Our Mommy got a call from the local shelter about a kitten they had gotten in. Once they met him and decided to bring him into the home, my human sister, Tori, asked if they thought "Mew's feelings would be hurt by bringing another kitty into their lives." Mommy thought about it and this was her answer "Mew would understand that we aren't replacing her, because we never could. Its BECAUSE of Mew that our hearts are so much bigger and more able to love this much. Mew did this for us. She helped all of us know what it means to have our hearts filled with so much love, that there is ALWAYS room for more" And with that, we believe we are here today, as a family and part of the Catster family. And it is because of that also that we are part of THIS tremendously caring, generous and thoughtful group. Thank you, Dear Friends, for the outpouring of concern on behalf of the TR kitties. and thank you for our lovely zealies!! We shall put them to good use.

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Congrats to Esther and thank you for everything!

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