What would you do to promote world peace?


The One and- Only!
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I would not be mean to cats.kitty
little angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angellittle angel

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BOL laugh out loud That's funny Shiloh!

I would be kind to all living creatures, great and small. And I would not judge other creatures just because they look different than me or have different beliefs or lifestyles than me hug
I would try to help those who need help, and do good for the world wink
Bodie & Madison

ღ- Mojotiki- ღ

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wavecheerapplausewavecheerapplauseblue dog We AGREE TOTALLY ! With you ! BODIE ! VERY WELL BARKED ! We can't think of one thing more to add to what you barked, except to "BARK THAT OL " !!! Mojotiki & Sierra hailcheerlittle angelhailcheerlittle angel * LOVE & PEACE FOREVER ! *


Little Miss- Sugar Hips
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I would share my kibble with everydoggie! cheer

Calvin J

They call me- Mellow Yellow...
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I would not steal all the toys. As a step towards world peace, I give you all virtual toys! wave

way to go hug wishes hug way to go


Watch Ouuuuttt!
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Kisses. We all just need to make sure we give and receive at least one kiss a day. I LOVE to give kisses! Licks to everydoggie and everykitty!!! party


If Barry White- were a- cat...meet Joe
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No! Ralphieeee.... You said just ONE kiss!

Folks, if you only knew what it is like at our house with Ralph and those kises of his shock

They call me the Reverend Joe because I am so wise and gentle and peaceful. I will meditate and send peace prayers and love and light each and every day. kitty

Ralphie... do you know what I would like from you while I meditate???? Quiet shh and no kisses silenced!


(I really do love Ralph. He is just a little bit too much sometimeswink )


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Joe and Ralph, MOL big laugh!!
Madison is like that with her kisses in this house, she would give kisses all day long if I let her. Those claws scare me sometimes, and I make a funny noise at her to make her stop shh
Mom says she would never use her claws, it's all about the kisses ! blue dog

Dereck (R.I.P) and Koshka

Dereck the sexy- cat & Koshka- pretty girl
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Hahalaugh out loud we loved all responses to promote world peace, especially Reverend Joe's..hehe big laugh That kitty is hilarious. laugh out loud Mmmm.. let me think, first to promote world peace I would start by being good to my human pawrents, for example I wouldn't wake them up in the middle of the night to ask for food cloud 9 silenced They could use a whole nite of sleep once in a while. Another good idea would be to wear a mouth guard so I wouldn't bite Koshka when we play, and the same goes for Koshka's sharp claws, those things are sharper than Edward scissor hands.laugh out loud That would be my 2 cents towards world peace...mmm.. I would also clean my own cat litter.....NOT! laugh out loud . Purrs. Dereck.laugh out loud