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Anyone else have experience with a gassy swissy? Eva can clear a room and bring a tear to every eye in the house. She's my first swissy, so I'm not sure if this is normal. She's 14 weeks old and eats high quality puppy food. Any suggestions?


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Oh yes! Mira can clear a room as well. God help anyone in the car with her when her butt goes off! Typically she will get gassy if she has ANY people food.


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ludo is the king of gas. i think that is also why he has always been so prone to lick fits. people at the grocery store must think i have some sort of disorder because i always stock up on so much gas-x for him.


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I know your post was quite old, but I have had experience with Addie gassing it up as well...the thing I have found is by changing her food, if she DOESN't have gas, then it's the right food for her. I think Swissies have really sensitive stomachs as large breeds and I have had her on food that all she did was pass wind and along came with it the diahrrea. She's good now mostly but there are a whole other set of issues to deal with now, being allergies and licking! NOT FUN.

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the post is quite old. But Gracie had a bad gas Stacey does to. The dog food called sensitive stomachs seamed to make the gas a lot less

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I think Lakota tries to gas out my husband for all the times he blamed his gas on Lakota! He has gas all the time - vet says he is healthy. When the vet had him sit for a treat he let one fly. It seems to get worse if he has been able to get in the bathroom and eat the toilet paper. We desperately try to keep the doors closed at all times but every once in a while.