Thanks for the invite!!


Are you going to- finish that?
Purred: Sun Apr 13, '08 10:08am PST 
Wow, a whole room full of qt lovers. I am in heaven.

I hide my qt's under all the scatter rugs in the house and the furniture that is not pressed against the wall. I can fit my paw in and get it but mom can't see it.

Until it's cleaning day. But I can get more she is not really awake in the morning and there they are screaming to come play with me.

After what she did with the whole kleenex thing I have learned a few tricks. I play with mine in the tub also. MOL

Klemy Q-Tip

Where's My- Q-Tip?
Purred: Sun Apr 13, '08 2:56pm PST 
Meow Doom! wave Glad you made it to the group! When Mommy does her major cleaning she collects all the Q-tips she finds under the furniture & rugs then she counts them before she throws them away. The largest count so far is 30 Q-tips, which means either she gives me a lot of Q-Tips or she needs to do major cleaning more often, laugh out loud


Are you going to- finish that?
Purred: Sun Apr 13, '08 4:19pm PST 
Wow, I dont feel like such an addict now. The most I have purrrloined at one time was 23 and that was an effort. Trust me she still has not found them all. You should see her face as i trot by with one in my mouth MOL

Klemy Q-Tip

Where's My- Q-Tip?
Purred: Mon Apr 14, '08 6:02am PST 
Every night I demand Q-Tips. When Mommy or Daddy go into the bathroom at night I run top speed and jump into the tub meowing for them to throw Q-tips for me. If they ignore me I start clawing at the bathroom counter. I love playing catch with my Q-tips. Mommy put a rug in the tub so I don’t slip with all my pouncing and leaping.
Every now & then Mommy & Daddy will find the Q-tips I hide under the afghan on the bed. Q-Tips are the bestest things known to cat! Unless somebody can find catnip coated Q-Tips!


Got Food?
Purred: Mon Apr 14, '08 7:46am PST 
Every morning when Mommy is getting ready, I sit on the toilet, and wait for her to drop the qt's in the waste basket. I catch them in my paw on the way down!

She keeps telling me to "get out of there." I don't know why....