What do you do that the people think is odd(not “normal” cat behavior)?


I want to go- outside!
Purred: Sun Mar 30, '08 3:23pm PST 
I like to open doors, the ones that aren’t latched. I push them by leaning into them or by running up and slamming into them. I pull them by getting my claws under and pulling.
I just want to see what’s in there.big grin


Snow Leopard- >^..^<
Purred: Tue Apr 1, '08 1:06am PST 
MOL, Sam...that's so clever! I do a bunch of stuff that seems to my meowmy that I'm the only kitty on earth who does it, but then she finds out it's normal..like when I wander room to room and meow and cry like I'm looking furr someone; or like when I go in and out of the bathroom cabinet just to bang the doors back and forth to get attention. I'm pretty silly but I guess you could call me a typical cat. I kinda wish I was un-normal -- it adds character winklaugh out loudlaugh out loudwink

Oh wait, I just thought of something...I guess I'm not a normal cat because when the squirrels come into our patio, I let them walk right into our livingroom and I never chase them or anything. I just sit there like they don't exist. Go figure, MOL! You'd think my hunter/curious side would kick in, right ? shrug

♥Samm- y♥

Sammy B - killer of- stuffed animals!
Purred: Tue Apr 1, '08 8:02am PST 
Hmmmm, well I don't come when called, oh wait, that's a normal
cat thing.

Um, I don't beg for hooman food. THAT's unusual.
I don't come runnin' when I hear a can opener.
BUT I do come runnin' for ice-cubes at happy hour! MOL..

I also let my pawrents know when someone is at the door. (They
don't always notice).

Guess that's it!


World domination
Purred: Mon Apr 7, '08 1:57pm PST 
I am an unusal kitty because I am almost always angry. If mommy and daddy let me outside (supervised of course) I get really mad and hiss if they try to bring me inside. My silly fursisters don't try to run or anything-they just let them pick them up and bring them inside. I don't know if any of the other Sams get angry like this, but I sure do.

Mom says I am lovey sometimes, like when Daddy is trying to play video games or work on the computer.shrug

Sam E.

It's my world, I- just let you- live in it
Purred: Tue Apr 8, '08 3:31pm PST 
I like to play fetch and growl at the mailman! I think it's really great to make my Mom think that I want to be a dog!! laugh out loud She really loves it when I sit for my treats! We have a real connection! cloud 9