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The link for the PA BF group is:

They have been posting updates on the Tiger Ranch situation. This is a good place to check for the latest news. I posted this same link in the message board, but decided to put it here as well so we can let each other know when new information is posted there.

Maxwell- Sweet Angel

Patience pays- off
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They just put up a new story at the link. The undercover video has been released. They are warning that it has some disturbing images. I just watched it and there are indeed some disturbing images. The video is very rough and lighting not good, but this is what got the search warrant for the raid.

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We just watched the video and we are thanking God that the ASPCA did not delay the raid.

What's heartbreaking is how many of those babies can't even see because of their eye infections, the dead kitty in the litter box, the foot on that one little smush baby! Is that a decomposed kitten on the floor?

Mom cried when they opened the freezer. There are no words to describe this? The set up was good - many house, fences - what happened? And how could any human let these animals suffer like this?


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I watched the video, too, and it was disturbing to say the least.

If there is a history of mental illness, she probably took one or several medications to help control the symptoms, which allowed her to function normally in society. And in some cases the patient starts to feel better and stops taking the meds. Once the meds are gone the symptoms return.

Unfortunately, there are no laws that force people to take their meds. In PA and NJ, someone can only be held involuntarily for psychiatric evaluation for up to 72 hours. This is only used when the patient presents as a harm to him or herself or others (humans).

We had a case in NJ where a guy with mental illness lived in a house with 30 cats. He took his meds as prescribed and actually maintained 3 jobs to make sure the cats were well cared for. Then he stopped his meds. The health department had to intervene because the living conditions for humans and animals had deteriorated so much. I won’t get into the details.


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cry This is so upsetting to us. Those poor kitties. It makes our hearts very sad.


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I couldn't even watch the videocrycry