My Poor Little Paws

Princess- Cilantro

Valentine’s- Day Baby, Spice- Cat
Purred: Sun Feb 24, '08 2:35pm PST 
Hi All,

I noticed there are a number of members here, but no one has posted any messages. silenced I know NFC are om the shy side, I seem to be missing the "shy gene" so I thought I'd start a message and see if anyone wanted to come out of hiding and play. smile

My name is Princess Cilantro and I love to dance dancing, have fun way to go play party and give my brother Tarragon, who is a LaPerm, a hard time laugh out loud

It wold be really nice if everyone drop by and introduced themselves applause we could all become friends and have lots of fun party


Princess Cilantro cheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheercheer

♥- Pete &hearts

Open the Door!
Purred: Sun Feb 24, '08 9:47pm PST 
Hi Cilantro! Great to find you starting things up here! I'd never joined this group because no one had written any messages. I know you already know me, purrsss, so I'll try to invite Nurven to join, maybe he'll write. Or Solan. He's a Maine Coon but he does live in Norway, and in a forest, and he's a cat! cheer

Love Petie

Princess- Cilantro

Valentine’s- Day Baby, Spice- Cat
Purred: Tue Feb 26, '08 5:15am PST 
That's great Pete cloud 9,

The more the merrier!!! My poor little paws are getting tired from all this typing! wink

Mom's not suppost to go back to work yet, but she doesn't listen to her doctor and decided she better go back in and help Michael. Yesterday, I went with her and was the "Meet and Greet Kitty" at the clinic. Tarragon had to stay home - Mom's still mad at him for being so mean to me when she was away! So I haven't had much time to spend on the boards.

I'll email you as soon as I can find some extra time! Being the Meet and Greet Kitty is hard work and I'm really tired, but I had a lot of fun so that makes me feel better. I can always take a catnap later!

Purrs, Cuddles, Hugs, and Kisses,

Princess Cilantro cheercheercheercheer


Izzi, the wiz- wizster
Purred: Thu Sep 18, '08 5:51am PST 
Hi wave

I didn't know I'm supposed to be shy!

I love playing, human company, dogs, other cats. watching tv, I talk alot and hate being on my own. I leap and bound, run up the curtains (and down them), collect spider webs on my head, hide stuff, and lots of other 'non-shy' things. cheerkittycheerkittycheerkittycheer

Izzywiz xxx


Purred: Tue Apr 7, '09 9:02pm PST 
Hello! I am obviously not a skogkatt, but I sure wish I was! Me and my family want to move to Norway someday, so we all call ourselves norsk anyway big grin