Resources for Ferals and Caregivers in Philadelphia and suburbs

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As a newly TNRed (trapped-neutered-returned) kitty, I want to start a list of organizations, vets etc. that are able to help humans in our region with their feral feline friends. Resources that perform low-cost spay/neuter, vaccinations, eartipping and other services; offer education about ferals to the public, and advocacy for TNR and no-kill policies for municipal and animal-control authorities; and assist individual humans in implementing TNR are all very important to us ferals in our quest to live healthier, safer, non-reproducing lives!

Two organizations that have been helpful to my family are:

1) Animal Coalition of Delaware County -
- advocacy, information clearing-house, some fostering and pet adoptions

2) Forgotten Cats, Inc -
-two clinics, one in Montgomery County, PA and one in northern Delaware.

- low-cost spay/neuter, eartipping, testing for FeLV and FIV (for a nominal extra charge -$15 as of February '08), Rabies and FVRCP vaccines, Revolution (anti-flea/tick/mite/worming treatment) free upon request, some medical care if needed upon entering clinic. (I had a torn-up ear, which they nicely stitched for me with dissolving stitches.)

Both have helped our caregiver with learning more about us and about TNR procedures, and my family is very grateful to both of them.

If other cats know of ahelpful organization in the Philadelphia/South Jersey/northern Delaware/Northeast Maryland region, please add them in a post below, including their website or other contact information.

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Hi, My name is Ricky and I am still alive today b/c of a group called 4 PAws SPay / Neuter Program......

Northeastern PA

They give out low Cost Spay / NeuteR certificates for people who can't afford it. My foster MaMa volunteers and they are always doing findraisers to make funds so they can continue to keep the population down ... Thet don't really have a website but if you have any questions you can contact meow and I will ask my MaMa




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Purred: Mon Jul 21, '08 6:24pm PST is the umbrella organization for a large number of TNR and rescue groups.
They run monthly spay/neuter clinics in the Philadelphia area.


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I'm sorry. The address is

Sometimes my Mommy can be in such a hurry she doesn't think about what she is typing!!