Spay at Humane Society, or private clinic?

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Hi all,
Like all of you, I love my pets and want to give it the best care. My puppy will need a spay in April and I'd like to get some feedback as to the quality of the spay service at a private clinic vs. the Humane Society. I know this is a simple procedure, but like any pet and child of mine, I want to be able to give it the best care, best doctor. Finances is an issue, thus the reason for this post, since most clinics charge at least twice as much for a spay.

I assume the procedures done at the Humane Society are performed by experienced and educated veterinarians, and it's facilities are comparable to any private clinic. Am I assuming correctly?

Please advise!



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Hi Mai,
I believe some local vets volunteer their time when it comes to these events, not sure though. Best of luck!


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My mommy was in the same financial bind when she rescued me so she found a local discount spay and neuter clinic. It's not the same as the humane society, but she learned her lesson. First of all when she got me back I smelled like poopy and there was a little left on my plastic travel crate that I was in all day. My mommy wasn't happy about that at all. Then a few days later there was some puss coming from my owie, my mommy was sad, but decided to keep an eye on it. The puss stopped, but a few days later I started bleeding from my owie, at this point my mommy was in hysterics cry She had to take off work early and take me to the regular vet. Fortunately they were able to give me some antibiotics and it all cleared up and I felt all better cheer My mom isn't sure why the discount place didn't place offered pain medication, but not antibiotics. Also, be sure to ask if they use a general anesthesia or a local anesthesia. I believe the general anesthesia is used by private clinics so that they can operate and remove the entire uterus and ovaries. They usually have an assistant there at all times monitoring the animal during this time. This also makes it more expensive. Sometimes at the discount places they will do a lighter duty, local anesthesia and just remove the ovaries. Also, it is not guaranteed the assistant will be there. Don't be afraid to ask!! Many animals are spayed and neutered by the humane society and discount clinics all the time and maybe I just had a rare and horrible experience, but just make sure you are educated about the process. Good luck and remember, either way the end result is the same. No babies and less homeless pets!snoopy

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Unfortunately there is no right or wrong answer here. It really depends on the clinic or the private vet. As a rescuer, I have the option to taking my fosters to several vets. We can also go to a spay and neuter clinic in our area. When I live in Ventura, we had a really excellent clinic, very clean, all the cats got a health check before being admitted to reduce the chance of spreading something as simple as a URI. The incision site on both my girls was millimeters, so tiny my regular vet could hardly see an incision when they went for their 6 month check up. I have also take my fosters to all the vets we have contracts with and some are better than others. Once I picked up one of my girls and the relieve vet was there. Well, there was almost a two inch incision on an 8 pound cat, never again was I going to take any of mine there if that vet was going to do it. Ask around. That is the best way of knowing.

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While it may differ some between locations, it's our understanding that the Humane Society is just that - humane - and the people are well qualified. The price difference might be explained by the fact that the private clinics need to make a profit; the Humane Society just wants to cover costs.