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Teddy bear

Purred: Fri Feb 15, '08 10:10pm PST 
Hi I'm Teddy! What is everyone's favourite food? Mine is chicken and I only get that on special occasions. party


i is teh boss of- u k thx
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o yay, a fudz thread! i didnt see ths! my favourite fudz are: TUNA!!!, chikken, cheese, caramel yoghurts, eukanuba! kitty

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Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
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Luv that hot chicken! Was scarfing down the all natural stuff those "other" cats that think they own this place eat, but I do like the Science Diet for Seniors, but I'm only 5! Hey lost 2 lbs in 2 years hehehe

HEY - deliver that treaties to ME, like I'm going to WALK in the kitchen with the rest of the *me-NOW" x-girls geeze

Inspector- Morse- (Henry)

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Favorite food? Cat food flavors are Brandon Farms the sardine & mackarel mix one and an egg souffle Fancy Feast Flavor and in Nine Lives like the seafood variants and Iams canned like anything chicken! Favorite people food? Oh that's so rare but love it when Mom drops crumbs of her cheese danish and love the cheese filling part, but that is so rare and it's even rare these days for her to have one! Chicken! Love chicken! Love it when the people get chicken and they shred some up for me!

Rrowr & Purrs, Inspector Morse

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