Hard snax or soft snax?


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Hi everyone - I've been doing a lot of thinking about how fickle me and my furblings are when it comes to snax. Meowmie and pawpaw realized this morning they have 5 different kinds of snax between the 4 of us because Aslan won't eat hard ones, Tanner doesn't like the soft salmon ones but Zoee and me will only eat those and I LOVE Greenies, but no one else does...does anyone else have this problem? How do you deal? Are meowmie and pawpaw nuts?


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Meowmie says she has spent a small fortune trying to find snax we will eat. I liked the Pounce soft (chicken) treats that came in can. They don't make those anymore, and none of us will touch the ones in the plastic containers. I like the Max gourmet kitty treats (again chicken) those are crunchie. I also like kitty kaviar, but it doesn't like me !! laugh out loud Meowmie hasn't found any kitty snax that Cinder or Horus will eat. We all really like shrimp but I don't think that's the kind of snax you mean. thinking


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we actually like it all especially greenies dancing

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Me an my sister lik Nutro Max treats, 'specially toona. Them r krunchee. Thems r small, tho so I lik to eats lots of em.


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they sound pawsome

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