When is your birthday?

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Lucy, Our- Golden Angel

Bark at- everything!
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 6:17am PST 
Please post your birthday here. Also please let us know if it is OK to use a picture from your Pet Page to create a birthday photo!

Jayke (A- life well- lived!)

Attitude above- all else!
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 6:31am PST 
Just to confuse....We always celebrated two dates and now will celebrate three dates...April 18th (birthdate), December 11th (bridge date) and Dec 24th, (accident date).

Thanks for the invite!!!

Woofs from Jayke


Emma - In Heaven

Love Me, Tender
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 7:25am PST 
I celebrate 2 dates!! My coming home date (Jan. 25th) and my birthday (July 4) and we really should celebrate my true rescue date from the puppy mill (Nov 23), but Mom says I will get spoiled! smile

Bonnie ~ In- Heaven 09

Git along little- doggy
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 7:26am PST 
My birthday is December 25.

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Marley- ~♥~- In Heaven 09

Happy, Happy,- Happy!
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 7:28am PST 
My birthday is September 23rd!

~♥~An- gel in- Heaven

Sweet as an- Angel
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 7:29am PST 
I also have 2 celebration dates. My birthday, November 13 and my Bridge date September 11.

Tedibear- Our Girl- Forever

Miss Bear
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 7:36am PST 
My birthday is 9/27. You can use any photo you want.


Jessie at- Rainbow- Bridge May 8

"Throw my- Frisbee,- please!"
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 7:44am PST 
Jersey and I were born on the same day but 10 years apart. July 10th. I am the old one.

Angel Calli- ♥

Life Was Good To- Me :-)
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 7:53am PST 
waveMy Birthday is April 12cheer You may use my pictures anytime.snoopysnoopy


Balls, Balls,- Water, Water,- Water...
Purred: Mon Jan 28, '08 9:20am PST 

My birthday is April 14th and I will be 6 this year...cheercheercheercheercheer

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