has anyone tried to diet?

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i is teh boss of- u k thx
Purred: Wed Jan 9, '08 2:49pm PST 
hai everyone

just wondering, as bigger cats kitty, has anyones mum or dad tried to put them on a diet? has it worked? if so, how long did it take and what diet were you on?
did you try anything to get around being on a diet?

i am currently in a Pet Slimmers Club at my vet where i go for regular weigh-ins confused i actually put on some weight but now have lost 200grams.
i originally was on hills science diet but i hated that so now i'm on eukanuba which i love!!! dancing but i love it so much i eat more than i should and i also have eaten through the plastic of the bag when mummy was out to get more foodz.
so i dont think im losing much weight.

i would be interested to hear all your weight loss stories or attempts! dancing


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food where is- the food,why yes- i want it
Purred: Sat Jan 12, '08 7:48pm PST 
wish i could say mom had not put me on diets, i know it is for my own good, but i only weigh 14 pounds,smile i think i am sexy even if my fat swings as i walk. mom makes me walk all over and she chases me and playes with me when i want to sleep, what does she think i am 11 i am not a kitten i need my beauty sleep.i am on a prescription purina diet wet food called OM (overweight management) I love it also, but i love my brothers food even more which is why mom has to feed my brother and stand there to keep me out of the food. i have not lost any weight but i also have not gained anymore weight which is a good thing to mommy., heck i am sexy as i am... : )


Where's the- beef?
Purred: Sat Jan 12, '08 9:06pm PST 
Squeaky, you are too funny! My mom and dad haven't tried to put me on a diet yet, thank goodness. Eating is my life! (Along w/ sleeping).

Teddy bear

Purred: Sun Feb 10, '08 4:36pm PST 
I could never diet! I would be to horrible. I am a british blue so food is my life! We were built big and I think I'm just big boned. Well my owners ARE giving low fat cat food with tastes like nothing. It is horrible. It is also full of vegies. *shudders* I live to eat meat!

Zephyr 2003- - 2016

Gotta Lie Down- Now.
Purred: Sat Feb 23, '08 8:18pm PST 
Mummy has put us all on Purina Weight Management dry food. It's not bad, it tastes like turkey. It's not really a diet food, but it's supposed to stop me from getting fatter.
Good luck with that I say! MOL

Lucy Lui

Diet! That's- die with a T!
Purred: Sat Mar 8, '08 4:11am PST 
Diet is die with a T! big grin

Regrettably it is something I need. I was this size when I was adopted so mummy is hoping that lots of love and attention of the non food kind is all that it will take for me to find my natural weight.kitty

Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Wed Jun 4, '08 3:59pm PST 
ROFMOL My meow-dad tried once to put me on a diet. laugh out loud

But my meow-mom was somewhere else looking for my 2 lost friends and feeding a billzion cats so she got REALLY mad at my meow-dad and told him to QUIT torturing me applause

When that ringing thing went off in the house, or my meow-dad called, BOY I would howl and cry and tell her how BAD I was being treated..

Imagine 1/3 a cup a food ALL DAY Hrumph

At 5 years old they put me on Science Diet for seniors, but I do like it more than the "all natural" good food so I've lost 2 whole lbs in 2 years MOL laugh out loud

I snore, had to put my belly between my legs to lick and love to lay upside down with all four paws up in the air.

When my meow-mom got home ALL this nonsense stopped YEAH meow-mom!

Lucky Streak (yeah I used to streak around) aka Chunky Monkey aka Buddy Belly

Hey deliver that treaty to where I'm laying, I'm NOT walking over there to eat it jeeze


i is teh boss of- u k thx
Purred: Thu Jun 5, '08 4:02pm PST 
MOL yea i knw wat u all mean! I hates teh diet and i gets teh fudz at other ppls house sumtimes!!1!

i lyk treats too.cheer

Lucky Streak

Lucky I can- streak and- wasn't drowned
Purred: Fri Jun 6, '08 5:53pm PST 
MOL! Luv dem treats, especially when my meow-mom makes a delivery to ME laugh out loud

I'm the only Dude (eeerrrr X-Dude) in the house, as my other x-dude friend got adopted today PURRRSSS to Crockett!!! Hope your new Meow-Mom gives ya lots of treaties like OURS does

From 20 lbs to 18 in 2 years - THAT is enuf dieting!!!

happy dance

Lucy Lui

Diet! That's- die with a T!
Purred: Tue Jun 17, '08 3:16am PST 
Wow Lucky! I've been on a diet for 6 months and I think I've gained. Mummy is tough but I just have to flash my lashes at dad and he folds faster than Superman on laundrey day.... Yes food appears! MOLhamster dance

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