Question of the week #2- 12-31-07


World domination
Purred: Mon Dec 31, '07 5:33pm PST 
Ok kitties- What have you done lately to get into trouble?

The other night, I fell asleep on my mom's car keys. This was not a problem, until I set off her car alarm. Boy can she and dad run fast. They ran to the window and looked out to see who was trying to steal her car. Oops!laugh out loud Then they found her keys-I was still laying on them!


Snow Leopard- >^..^<
Purred: Tue Jan 1, '08 3:34am PST 
I was very naughty last week. Mommy was giving me kissies on my cheeks and nose. I was grumpy and without warning I bit her on the face. It was a tiny bite, and I didn't mean to hurt her cry but it made her bleed and it was really close to her eye. Oooooooops red face, my bad.

Other than that, I'm a perfect angel, I prawmise! kitty.


World domination
Purred: Wed Jan 2, '08 1:04pm PST 
Sammy-do us orangies get grumpy? wink I am sure your mommy is not mad! And we orangies are certainly always angels! laugh out loud


Master of my- domain!
Purred: Wed Jan 2, '08 7:59pm PST 
Well, let's see. I have hassled my big sister, Fey, a lot. She doesn't like to play so we kind of pick on her. I have hassled my giant big brother, PJ, through the baby gates on his bedroom door (he is still being integrated into the household). I knocked several water bottles off the counter...of course I chose the ones without lids. I guess that's it for one hour. MOL!!! wink

Mom says the only time I am not getting into trouble is when I am sleeping. I think she is nuts! I am so sweet!! kitty


Snow Leopard- >^..^<
Purred: Thu Jan 3, '08 4:12am PST 
laugh out loud it's gotta be a 'sam' thing big laugh


World domination
Purred: Tue Jan 8, '08 12:36pm PST 
It is definately a Sam thing! Trouble!! laugh out loud

♥Samm- y♥

Sammy B - killer of- stuffed animals!
Purred: Sat Feb 2, '08 8:36am PST 
Well, I knocked off the crystal cough drop 'tainer that sits
on meomy's night stand and it made this tinkling noise
and she said oh-oh. frown

BUT nuthin happened to me 'cuz she said "I knew that was
going to happen." I like to get up there and look at the
squirrels in the neighbors trees. 'Scairt me tho. shock

She said,' That's ok Sammy, meomie's fault!"

Life is great!kitty