Whats your New Years Resolution?

Eightball Zander

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Purred: Sun Dec 30, '07 5:17pm PST 
Tell us what your new years resolution is for '08!!!!!!!

Eightball Zander

Call SuperCat!- -599239
Purred: Sun Dec 30, '07 5:18pm PST 
Mine is to watch more spongebob!!

Spot Velcro- (In- Memoriam)

awww, yeah.
Purred: Thu Feb 21, '08 1:48pm PST 
wuz a noo yir rezlooshun?


Purred: Thu Feb 21, '08 6:38pm PST 
its like a promise or a committment to do something or in some case less of something during the year

Angel ( In- Loving- Memory)

Little Man,Angel- Baby,Hey Man
Purred: Fri Mar 21, '08 8:26am PST 
Well it was to just love my parents more and more,but now it is to help my parents find another kitten like me to take my place.I was taken from my parents on March the 2 2008.Spca couldn't put the infomation down that I had aszthma,my mommy told the vet John 3 times.He needs to get fired.I miss my parents more then anybody knows.kittyfrownconfused

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Jeckyl and Hide
Purred: Sat Mar 22, '08 4:49pm PST 
now, that is a pawsome resolution, Angel. Somepurr screwed up at the SPCA