Do the extra toes makes us extra special???

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one of my pals here at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary told me she's heard that polydactyl cats have special traits....does anybody know if that's true?

other than being incredibly stunning and brillant, I mean

Tom Thumb- ADOPTED thru- Catster

I'm a love- machine
Purred: Sun Dec 23, '07 8:09am PST looks like someone replied....but I can't see the response. pawmail me if you like.

where are those toes? how come nobody's talking?

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hailHi - I think all double-pawed cats have the ability to use their extra digits - especially those cats with thumb-like appendages!


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I think that polydactyl cats facinate people because the extra toes on the front paws look like thumbs. Children and adults will give the cat extra attention and handling during the socialization period. The cat becomes accustomed to being touched, spoken to , and looked at. Maybe. But, and Schatz once had a big butt, too much noisy attention and grabbing will have the opposite effect.

Oh, I must say:
P J, and myself (Schatz) read the Best Friends book. When PJ got to the story of Singe , the hero black cat, PJ cried and had to wait to finish the story. Later PJ met BC (Gail's cat) at Redlands Shelter and became inspired. We called Best Friends and you wonderful people emailed cat apotion phrases to us. Now on the wall of the shelter is a sign to adopt and purrfect your life.... While PJ was on the phone, she was thrilled to know that the famous Singe was in the office, on the desk, and three feet away from her phone call with you wonderful people at Best Friends. My love of Schatz, Knowing of Singe's trials and triumphs, and meeting BC (black cat, big, big, big, cat ?) the determination to paint up some arty signs.