Russian Feats

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High Paws to- YOU! =)
Purred: Sun Dec 2, '07 10:17am PST 
Hi effurone!
This section is to post our
special acheivements and accomplishments.
Or even post something you do that cats are not known for.

My special Russian Feat is that I sit quietly so mama can serve me my meal. I'll meow excitedly while she's preparing my meal, but once she is at my 'table' I sit very quietly until she sets it down. Then I eat my meal. She always says good boy and pets me for encouragement.applauseapplause

have a meowy fun day!! kittydancing

Kiara- Higgins

The mischevious- princess
Purred: Mon Dec 3, '07 10:58am PST 
My mommy is in the process of teaching me multiple skills. Right now, I can play fetch (like a doggie!!!!), come to 'here kitty kitty', and walk on a leash. I also know how to get the dog into trouble and sent to the back of the yard! Heeheeway to go

I'm learning to do a back flip, but only for my favorite toy, Mr. Sockie.

My mommy wants to teach me how to be shown properly and how to open her bedroom door on my own so she won't have to let me out every morning at 6AM.

My brother Kovu used to be able to do it. He would put the back of his paw under the doorknob and place his mouth on the doorknob, and would turn the doorknob. I want to be just like him. He was so smart!!

I have finally learned the commands, "No, down," and the name of my toy, "Mr. Sockie."

I know it isn't all the special or all that much, but I am working on it. Mommy wants to take my intelligence to the next level.

Mr. Stoke

I try so hard to- be a good kitty!
Purred: Mon Dec 3, '07 7:39pm PST 
Well, my dear friends, it isn't much of a skill, but I like to drink from a glass using my paw. 'Tis the proper, civilised way for a cat to drink! I simply sit-- with excellent posture, of course-- next to the glass, and I dip my paw in. Then, I very carefully, lick the beverage from it and continue. I simply must encourage all of you to try it.


High Paws to- YOU! =)
Purred: Mon Dec 3, '07 7:45pm PST 
Lil Kiara opens door handles? applause
Do you jump on the door? 0.O
Such an independent kitty.
I prefer to let my mama open the door, and I attempt to sneak out from under her hehehe.


High Paws to- YOU! =)
Purred: Mon Dec 3, '07 7:49pm PST 
Mr. Stoke,
very impressive skill to drink water from your paw.
You are a gentleman indeed smile
I imagine it is a lot drier drinking from your paw than dunking your face into the waterbowl, risking tipping the bowl over *blushes*, or getting the tags wet.
Thanks for sharing!!

Kiara- Higgins

The mischevious- princess
Purred: Tue Dec 4, '07 11:39am PST 
I learned to drink from a bowl without Mom's help... I wasn't' fully weened when I was taken away from her. I always sneeze when I start drinking, then end up with a completely wet chin.


High Paws to- YOU! =)
Purred: Mon Jan 14, '08 4:35pm PST 
I did it!!
mama was gettin worried that I started running out into the hallway after a year of not doing so.
She tried efferting to keep me inside. She finally found something that works!
It's the squirt bottle. Boy! did that work.
Long story short, she'd squirt me when I came near the door while she coming in.
When she'd go out i was too busy eating to notice.
After a few training sessions, now rather than try to squeeze through the door meowing,
I sit in the foyer meowing in excitement.
While she comes in she tells me what a good boy I am, and I jump on the coffee table where she gives me my treat for such great behaviour.
It only took a few days of this.
Now I only have to see the bottle in her hand and I go lay down on my carpet pad
or on the coffee table waiting for my treat hehehe

Phoenix~ Her- Exalted- Highness

You may pet me.
Purred: Fri Feb 15, '08 7:57pm PST 
I like to think I am a furry smart kitty. I am also furry helpful. I always escort mum to the bathroom so she doesn't get lost, and I tell her when bedtime is if she forgets, and I always let her know when someone is coming up the driveway.

I also make mum feel very loved. When she says "Gimme kisses" I do. I stick my nose out and let her kiss my nose. Also when she says "headbumpies" I headbump her.

Mum has gotted so used to being escorted to the bathroom by me that if I'm sleeping when she has ta go she just calls out "girl time" and i come running. She says ladies always hasta go to the potty in pairs.

Also, I will only drink from running water sources.


High Paws to- YOU! =)
Purred: Mon Mar 3, '08 1:30pm PST 
wow Phoenix!!
you are such a smart kitty smile
You drink from the faucet?
I'm not sure about the faucets, so I only drink from the bowl,or mama's hand lol.
Have a meowy great day!!


Purred: Tue Mar 4, '08 7:28pm PST 
Well, my fellow comrades,
I LOVE to lick plastic! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! LOVE IT! I don'e eat it - just lick it. One time, Mom had a friend over and she was selling Mary Kay cosmetics, and had all these plastic pouches on the kitchen table - well, I just couldn't help myself! I was up on that table, licking everything I could get ahold of! Mom and her friend tried to ignore me for a while, but then I just got too obnoxious and Mom had to put me in another room!
That's my special talent!
Velvety Blue Purrs to you!

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