looking to adopt a TA, preferably grey, female or male

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I lost my dear sweet Nicco on 9/11/07. But I'm totally in love with the breed, and even tho I still have my tabby, and 2 rescued greyhounds, I miss the TA breed. Does anyone know of a grey cat to adopt. I'm okay with an adult, or even a special needs kitty. Let me know. I definitely have room in my home and my heart for another furkid!

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Oh dear---we certainly hope you can find one! I am a Turkish Angora, blue, and Mpmmi can barely even evenzzthink about me leaving!
I had two littres of kittens, all of whom died, and you can see them in the family part of my page (actually only two are shown).
Mommi has been wondering---are all TA's exceptionally intellignt? I can open my drawer of toys which is two feet off the ground! And take lids of those big plastic buckets. We wonder if this is a trait of the breed---of course every mommi thinks her cat is brilliant!big laughbig grin
We have many questiohs regarding TA's, as mommi keeps Persians and Himilayans.
We hope you can find a girl soon!---Violett the Battlecat (oh, I am also a guard-cat---I growl at and leap upon strangers at the door, or sit between a guest and Mommi and glare and twitch my tail. Mommi thinks we are just about the best breed going---except for the Persians and Himmies, o' course.---Violett the Battlecatdancing


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I do not know if you would count any of the kittens gray, but here are some adoptable TA kittens:


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I'm sorry to hear about your loss. I noticed that you live in florida, there is a women from a cat rescue that is fostering a gray and white turkish angora...she wanted me to take her but my hands are full of the one i've got! I live south of you in brevard county...if you're interested go to www.pawsfla.com and click on adoptions and look for a kitty about half way down the page named ambrosia. thats the one. i hope you find a new baby soon...i understand your passion for the breed...i'll always have one from now on!


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I can understand your grief. I can't imagain loosing such a personality as our Turkish Poof (he's silver). I don't know of any in your area that need adopting. Check out Poof's page though to see kitten photos and his tragic story.

We're new to this site but looking forward to having fun here. I'm in the process of adding animals. *LOL*

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Hi there!

My Mom recently got back my nephew Jimmy, who will be a year old Christmas Day. She placed him with a local family with a little girl, but she was SO allergic to him that her whole face swelled up, so sadly, Jimmy is back home. He's a blue-silver tabby & white, same color as me, but he's bigger because he's a boy. Mom's looking for a new pet home for him. She's also looking for a pet home for my son Spot, who's amber eyed white, after the trauma he's been through. The temporary vet messed up BADLY when Mom took him in after he fell in the sink with his cast on. She caught him as he fell, so only the tip got wet, but instead of taking the cast off, drying Spot's foot & re-casting it, he simply applied a ribber glove over the cast, wrapped it in vet wrap, & told her to take Spot home & bring him back to our regular vet in another 2 weeks. She did what she was told. Spot went back in 2 weeks later, the x ray showed the bones he broke healed up perfectly, but when they went to take the cast off, Spot started screaming in pain & terror. Mom started to cry, because Spot is normally a quiet kid. Poor baby, because of that vet's screw up, his paw ROTTED inside the cast, & the raging infection in his leg could have, probably should have, killed him! Mom was left with the choice of euthanizing Spot or amputating the leg. There was no choice in Mom's mind, she refused to have Spot put down, she couldn't kill my son, & I'm SO glad she chose to have the surgery done! He's just as happy as ever now, even though he only has 3 legs. He doesn't let it stop him! He still runs, jumps, climbs, & is a normal, healthy, happy, huggable TA kitten. He is 8 months old. Mom is hoping that a family will come along for him that will appreciate him even with one less leg.