Simon Still Missing...


My Simon -- King of the- Jungle
Purred: Sat Oct 27, '07 11:29am PST 
Tuna for My Dear Friends Still Looking For Me,

It was a long August, but Mommy flew back to Austin Labor Day Weekend, hoping I would have been returned home. cryAlas, I am still someplace where I don't belong.

After Uncle John and she got the truck loaded, Uncle Wynn came from Houston to drive my family to our new house in Old Colorado City on the West side of Colorado Springs. Mommy looked for me all the way from Austin to Colorado, and she even looks for me there.

There's a kitty that looks like Stanley (but isn't) across the street from Mommy. She saw a little baby last week who looked just like me when I was a tiny baby...only this one had blue eyes and mine are beautiful green.

If anyone anywhere in the country sees me or knows where I am, Purreez let my mommy know. Also keep looking for Stanley (from AZ). Mommy is good friends with Stanley's mom.

Happy Halloween to all of you...Be safe and stay home! Mommy really, really misses me, and I miss hercry .

MIA since 10/12/2006