my husband is allergic to my baby!


Purred: Sun Sep 30, '07 6:08pm PST 
i recently moved in with the love of my life, and brought the other love of my life with me. unfortunately, my beloved hubby is allergic to cats, particularly my baby Hoover. Hoover has hair, instead of fur, and therefore has more dander than other cats normally do. Hubby has a cat too, but he dosent have as bad of a reaction to her, but when he's around Hoover, he gets so sick he cant breathe! is there anyway i can alleviate his allergies?


Did I just hear- the treat jar- rattle?
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You can bathe Hoover regulary or wipe him down with allergen reducer

Vacuum often

Dust often

Brush Hoover often

Those are some ofthe things I do

You could also try some of the allergen reducing sprays for furniture and carpets. I use fabreeze with allergen reducer. It seems to help.


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Everything Winter said is great. Also, I got an air purifier. Do your research. You want one with a fan, but it doesn't have to be super expensive. Those Ionic Breeze's (and other ionic purifiers) don't do a good job of getting all the hair and dander out of the air.

Every month when you clean the filter you'll realize how much junk was in the air that is now being sucked into the filter, not your lungs!

I got this one, and I love it! (they sell it or ones like it at stores like Target) Helped my allergies dramatically.